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Project Macskaic Yamato aka me houseblog


2020-12-01 06:36:43.083000




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I decided to ultimately abandon heating with firewood as it is a complete shit and a mess. As you can see on the picture, kinda half of my already small room is basically occupied by heating, firewood et cetera. It also creates a huge mess as I have to haul that shit in my bedroom, it makes the floor uncleanable, generally messy, and invalidates the use of a előszoba/玄関/idk whatitis in english/ which would make all the inner rooms ultimately cleaner. The fun part was that the heat resistant glass broke first at one night when I tried to put in a piece of wood that was just a tiny bit bigger and close the door on it. This made the fire get waaay too much air, made all the shit burn a lot more faster and essentially driving out heat through the chimney. It also made making a fire much much more harder. After that at one night, the whole glass just completely broke away and this piece of shit started stinking up the whole room and ultimately my clothes. I found replacement for this piece of glass, very not cheap (10k huf), which combined with the other drawbacks, made the whole shit look ridicolous. A new unit starts from around 50k up to 150k (wtf man), while a completely new gas heater costs around 20-30k tops. heating with wood: -takes up lots of space -firewood needs to be prepared in advance -smokes up everything (especially when the wind is strong, one time it just blew back through the chimney, flooding the room with smoke, I kid you not) -makes the whole room fucking unclean So there is that. I will happily pay for gas if it makes the whole place all around cleaner. I will toss this fucking heater out tomorrow after I finish at work and get a gas unit, clean up the whole place and advance with my original plans to make a traditional japanese style room which was entirely unfeasible due to the space and dirt constraints


2020-12-01 06:40:55.057000


Anyway I tried public transport yesterday, it was completely horrible but I can tweak a little on it. Anyway things will pick up a little from not, also my door was mounted all the wrong orientation originally, it just opens to the wrong side and makes the use of the middle room inefficient. Last time I filled up my car with gas I zerod the little counter on the dash and now I will fill it up again to get the fuel consumption in a normal use since I generally give it ample time to warm up in the morning, not just floor it fucking cold (it really doesn't like that anyway). Ultimately public transport is always cheaper but I still wonder what's the mileage (kilometerage???)

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  • Pernd

    2020-12-01 20:22:45.077000


    >gas You finally took the polishpill


    2020-12-04 07:06:07.710000


    I have not done anything yesterday. I only ate once and supplied the rest of energy with a little drinking. This corona lockdown is making me into a hermit. Kinda not good.


    2020-12-04 10:27:23.388000


    I am contemplating buying a computer because the prices are good. Asked aniki. He says focus on the house. I say okay but I don't want to actually change windows until spring. I also asked if he thinks I'm poor or not. He asks why. I say because I have the leftover payments. He says everyone has that. Not sure what to make of that. My finances still have not cleared up, public transport, gas and fuel prices, food prices, electricity (I don't have a refrigerator yet) I don't actually need a computer, I just like them a lot (also I would love to try some games but you know, that's just entertainment, it doesn't actually generate stuff for me irl like having better insulation or better car would. what a fuckery) I'm all sorts of confused or idk. If I went to the gym, my life would have much more order and I could have a better understanding while having a pace to adjust my priorities. Maybe I need a car with lower gas consumption first. Which still doesn't replace the need for a good computer or better household appliances. what a fuckery

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  • Pernd

    2020-12-05 00:51:30.639000


    >>26676 i havent had a pc in over two years, i've stuck with a laptop.i do want a pc and a high res monitor, though.

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  • Pernd

    2020-12-06 17:32:10.131000


    Ez a cigány tier és Magyarországon volt.

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  • Pernd

    2020-12-06 21:39:42.800000


    >>26680 why hate


    2020-12-07 03:30:36.595000


    >>26677 I've been stuck for laptops in the last few years and think about getting a pc a lot for that cheap good performance and comfy peripherials, I'm sick of paying for the mobile tax


    2020-12-08 12:10:05.552000


    I got called in for some extra wörk today till tomorrow morning. I got a haircut earlier and explored the town I live a little so honestly I feel pretty good. Some extra money never hurts. I'm going to have to buy a suzuki soon as a second car. Redundancy is a must when I can reach the house with car only. Suzukis are super cheap, reliable and if anything goes wrong, parts are piss cheap. Second japan feel. However I like my normal car as well, the ancient monstrosity is pretty much special nowadays on the road. It consumes a bit too much for todays standards (10 liter/100km) but I'm happy I can use it and fuck around with it and you can fit a lot of stuff in it.


    2020-12-08 12:20:21.649000



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    JPG, 1280x720, 1.1 MB

    So here is how the room looks like now. It's so much better now! The color of the wall is gay the electricity looks fucked atm but these are all small things. I also started using the gas heater. Pic is how it looks like on full blast. That's obviously too much, so I usually use it on the first setting which is just the middle burner. Since it is actually radiating heat and not just making use of convection, I can just put it close to me and it's plenty, no need to warm up all the air around me. It's pretty clean and that makes my room cleaner as well so it's a good experience all over. The only thing that is a mystery now is the consumption. I think I should be okay with three bottles of gas which is still kinda sizeable chunk of expenses but whatever. I just need to survive the winter and then I will remake the house with better insulation. Just you know I can literally see through the walls rn but it's not a real problem since the gas heater dumps the waste into the air, so some airflow is neccessary. Things are looking up! I was super relaxed in the morning and things are turning out well. It's just so better in every way. And the town itself looks promising too. I might have just found gold here.

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  • Pernd

    2020-12-08 12:32:26.509000


    Some extra notes: 1. When I was using the bed, the mattress was made up from three big pillow-like things (they actually have metal frames and springs in them so I guess they are small mattresses). So these pillows used to slide around under me on the bed because the survace of the bed was a flat lacquered woodpane. Now without the bed, I can use them just as pillows to sit on on the bamboo mat, but I can also sleep three on them, without them sliding apart! This small thing is a huge change in comfort. 2. Without the small table in the middle, I had to make a separate eating place elsewhere in the house which also took up place and materials while not being too comfortable. Now I can axe the place and the small table is much more comfortable to eat on too, since the heating is too, nearby 3. in case that wasn't obvious, sound also got much better in the room, now that I can put the speakers in a symmetric way targeting me Japanese layout rules in small houses. So I will keep going this way, and try to make the place also more tasteful. That pink paint has to go, obviously. And I will get some big windows too to make the place more brighter. The market for sliding doors is terrible, I will have to make those myself. They ask for outrageous prices for something that I wouldn't put on a barn even So yeah, things are looking up right now


    2020-12-08 15:49:00.099000


    also the floor is painted yellow now (also very spotty), I just plan to sand it down and put lacquer on it for that deep brown trad feel. These people had the perfect floor but they had to put that linoleum garbage on it. Guess what having no taste does to a good little house.


    2020-12-10 07:41:44.427000


    sent the entire day sleeping yesterday after I got a sudden extra job offer and accepted it. It wasn't so bad. fucked around out of the room and put my clothes on tables so now the order can be maintained more easily and I can clean that place easier too. I will get there, just not fast. Left the gas heater running overnight and there were no issues so it's alright (even if it is advised against, but that instruction is made for well sealed houses, while mine is, well... not so much) Started collecting trash in order, glasses, pet bottles, aluminium cans, all that so I can get rid of them using the public collecting places. Things are okay I guess


    2020-12-13 08:23:48.669000


    Stayed home yesterday all day. It was pretty good and I got some studying down too. I left the heater on overnight but I woke up around 3 am and it was obvious the air was used up. No wonder after a day of operation. I came to work today with bus which is slow even there is no one on the road because the route is so slow. Have to tweak this still, I barely managed to not to be late even if I started moving early. I'm also concerned about taking long journeys with my car now, so it's definitely time to adopt the public transport method now, also I have to buy a second car this coming week ASAP. The property is slowly but improving. And, I can study at home! Huge improvement that wasn't available at any place I lived so far.


    2020-12-13 18:04:33.635000


    >>26684 damn this already looks very cozy. how much are the bills btw?

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  • Pernd

    2020-12-14 11:55:21.794000


    >>26690 No data yet


    2020-12-16 21:33:13.386000


    I just realized I fucked up. If the car breaks, I'm literally dead. I wanted to buy a second car because I have absolutely zero fucking infrastructure out there and zero fucking parts and the wheel can potentially fall off of that hell's chariot and I'm majorly fucked beyond recognition. I can't buy a fucking car, because there is a hard limit of 15 calendar days until you can complete the administration process. But the end of the year will also terminate in a fucking weekend. Guess what, the next week is also terminating a fucking weekend which reduces the workdays between the two events to 3 and a half days, 3 of which I will spend working. The next real week starts from Jan 5 which is exactly out of the fucking range of 15 calendar days. While I will spend most of the holidays working and having to commute, using the car at least between the house and the next bus station. If the car breaks, I'm fucking dead. I have absolutely fucking nothing to commute with, not even a bicycle. I only have a single bottle of propane. If the car breaks, I run out of gas, I freeze in the house. There is absolutely fucking nothing I can do, only live through two weeks of dread. I'm so fucking fucked. Fuck holidays, seriously. If you run out of 15 calendar days of registering a car, not only you have to pay a fine, they fucking remove your car from use officially, so taking the hit is not an option either.


    2020-12-16 22:04:26.293000


    if the worst comes, I can trek to the public transport from the house, should be ~1 hour walk or so. I have a backpack that could be suited for that. hurray for unscheduled mountaineering damn this sucks


    2020-12-21 06:16:25.503000


    I ran out of gas yesterday This is good news, meaning I can endure a month with one, max two, who knows, which is good in terms of monthly cost. One bottle costs 5k huf We are talking about zero insulation here, so there is that. This can improve once some actual major work gets done but that won't start until spring so I will have to make do like this this winter. Didn't feel too good yesterday so I spent the day just drinking beer and lazying around. I feel better now. Work today, and getting a new bottle of gas after that. Car worries me still, it doesn't sound good. Bought some food yesterday so I should still be in green if it breaks down, but let's hope it won't. Two weeks is a lot of time.


    2020-12-22 08:48:38.193000


    So I go to the local gas station in the town and it turns out they don't exchange propane bottles. Fuck. So I had to go to the next town to get it changed. I will stay in the city from today to 26th because I have a bunch of work, night shifts, all that.

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  • Pernd

    2020-12-24 14:24:46.559000


    corona and winter needs to fuck off so I can build the house already

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  • Pernd

    2020-12-24 20:09:02.646000



    JPG, 1080x1350, 79.2 KB


    JPG, 640x766, 38.5 KB


    GIF, 320x576, 4.6 MB


    PNG, 1080x1138, 1.2 MB

    >>26673 >Anyway I tried public transport yesterday, it was completely horrible You say that just because you've never tried the Xyїv public transport, it's Bangladesh tier. Literally. >>26677 Yaro please, why are such a complainer? It's become annoying, just as that. >>26697 >>26699 Just buy a horse and travel with a bow and arrows. Don't be such a shame to your glorious ancestors.


    2020-12-28 10:48:53.203000


    The car really didn't feel like starting in the morning. There was some snow. I have to move fast now if I don't want to get burned in this weather. Once the car starts up, it's okay, it's just grumpy when the weather is cold and wet. Just like me. I haven't done anything lately to the house. I chalk this up to the weather freezing my ass over even in the house somewhat. I need to take some countermeasures against this, for example energy drinks (and not drinking tons of alcohol just for fun). This batch of propane I got seems to be worse than the last from a different distributor Honestly if the car thing weren't this shitty, I would be the most relaxed man this time. I think I will go buy a car in the next two days (working today) so I can be free of worries. Even if I think about something else, I can feel the pressure. Ruined my studies. I'm just all over the place. Really not funny when oneself discovers just how fragile is oneself in the real world and crack under pressure.


    2020-12-28 11:38:01.987000


    Also I think about computers all day. I have so much cool ideas! I don't even care about games anymore, I just want to build interesting setups with impressive qualities. I found so much odd parts and I want to use them. It's art. Yes, that sounds stupid and is stupid. Do I need it? No. Do I want it? Absolutely. Some of the stuff that was unobtainium back a few years ago not only became affordable, but actually became a great deal. If only I knew I can afford it or not. I still don't know anything solid about my financials. It's just all over the place, but I have not bought clothes or anything these days so I might just be actually dirt poor. This is frustrating as hell as well.


    2020-12-30 06:22:59.788000


    i am cold because everyone loves me


    2020-12-30 06:23:51.755000


    >>26684 also cozy


    2020-12-30 06:26:10.829000


    i also am thinking about getting new computers, cellphone and network but its going to take some time to have it all set up, its really stupid that i would have to pay (or get my dad to pay for new networks just because I am in debz)


    2020-12-30 06:31:33.591000



    JPG, 4624x3468, 4.1 MB

    Me current rooms I am also trying to quit the tizzy but will probably substitute with other drugs which sucks, also just miss people irl (i need to get back to them) I kinda dropped out of uni this year which is really disastrous, but at least I had time this year to take a break.... if one can call it that. Uggg......I think in the meantime I'm going to get back to people irl and blogguposts here sometimes as well

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  • Pernd

    2020-12-30 19:13:20.986000


    >>26707 what are the specs on this laptop? CPU-RAM-SSD

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  • Pernd

    2020-12-31 08:10:36.775000


    >>26707 change is often good fuck. im tired. havent really had a break in over 2 years now.

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  • Pernd

    2021-01-01 23:41:31.894000


    >>26710 >look at me I suffer so much being a codegarch sur l'Ukraine and having a hot caring gf Yaro it's not even funny anymore and never been actually. Pls stop this.

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  • Pernd

    2021-01-02 20:04:48.604000


    >>26711 i havent had sex in 4 months and 2 more before that.

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  • Pernd

    2021-01-03 19:17:57.006000


    >>26708 Its intel i5 with 3.55 Gb >>26710 Yes! There will be good changes

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  • Pernd

    2021-01-03 19:35:56.488000


    Anyways, I got diagnosed with schizophrenia/bipolar cause I thought there are people stalking me. There actually wasn't after all. I am just really nervous trying to come off of tizz and the paranoia was driving me insane. The prescribed quentipine does help though and thankful I have it, but I really think its anxiety due to tapering off so rapidly off etiz. I am going to try to get on a true taper with diazepam (or try to taper off with the rest of the etiz myselfs). Other than that, I'm going to read up on a lot of things I've learned in past days of uni that I forgot a lot about. It sucks that I depend on adderall to do things, but o well. I've kinda been taking it for awhile and I guess I do kinda have ADHD, seeing that I'm pretty much really useless without it. I should look for a jerb but my heda is kinda fucked right now with current settis after the entire year last year with the covid, and kinda messed up a lot of things. I am going to start organize things out, and get healthier in general as I've become smoker and me healths is in sh*t. Thats gotta change, switched to vap now but will improves health even mores, and do some good improvements soon.

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  • Pernd

    2021-01-03 19:47:11.769000


    But also I am thinking about switching to meme pad cause its aestheticc. I might be partly schizo or smth, idk. But I am going to take me meds as prescribed and see what happens. Thinking about moving out but I'm not sure how thats going to happen with the current state of my minds, I might learn some stuff about networkings or just tidy up some stuff around the house and exercise n stuff. My dad bought me an android, I don't really want it. Might have it returned.

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  • Pernd

    2021-01-03 19:51:03.129000


    I do think i probably have the covid and its making me stressed out and partly insane, its weird. I think schizo pills are working though and at it kinda actually helps, hopefully I can get a gun licences in the future.


    2021-01-06 06:53:03.018000


    >>26718 i5 is not a spec, it's a marketing term. download CPU-Z and screenshot it The reason why I'm saying this is because we need to know how much cores you have in the first place. The mobile processor market is still shit, so if you have 4 or you can upgrade to 4 cores 8 threads, you are still good until things get better. I also have 4 gigs of ram, we need to upgrade, I frequently run out of it. I upgraded to 4 cores last fall, so my machine became a lot smoother. I'm holding out with the laptop update until the mobile processor market becomes better. Now desktop computer is a whole different story.

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  • Pernd

    2021-01-06 07:32:18.316000


    >>26721 memepads are overrated shits now that lenovo makes them, they are no different than other brands similar class laptops (Dell Latitude, HP Elitebook etc)

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  • Pernd

    2021-01-06 11:44:21.682000


    >>26724 laptops with under 8th gen intels are generally very bad for gaming, since the majority of them uses a 2core cpu >>26725 idk ive got myself a yoga 370 for rather cheap and its a great workhorse. Granted webdev isnt really a load but it handles it nicely. Ive updated to 16gb of ram, since 8 was not nearly enough for my needs.

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  • Pernd

    2021-01-06 11:45:51.828000



    JPG, 4032x3024, 5.5 MB

    also gotted meself a late bday present in form of a shitty broken but cheap film camera

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  • Pernd

    2021-01-07 02:07:58.979000


    >>26718 >with 3.55 Gb i will guess you actually have 4GB of RAM, but x32 system can only handle 3.55 of it install x64 version of windows, your system will work faster


    2021-01-09 06:51:25.507000



    JPG, 4624x3468, 3.1 MB

    Not sure if this will help

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  • Pernd

    2021-01-09 06:54:13.554000



    JPG, 4624x3468, 3.6 MB

    Me cameras i got last year

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  • Pernd

    2021-01-09 15:07:37.863000



    PNG, 802x615, 142.3 KB

    >>26730 Well, it does. First things first, you have 2 cores and 4 threads (extra threads are like fake cores, they give about a 30% uplift in performance per core) The bad news here is that looking up the Inspiron 5559, it has a soldered processor, which means you can not swap the processor, and ebay searches indicate this model was never ever equipped with a 4 core. The good news is that you can replace and add more RAM to the equation that can make the thing a bit better in daily usage I see you are running linux, look for a graphical program called CPU-X, so you can get to know your stuff a little better. My processor is 3 generations older than yours, so your 2 cores should be still plenty useful with some extra RAM


    2021-01-09 15:12:41.951000


    >>26727 >>26732 tbh I've been looking for cameras the other day, I would want something with swappable lenses but early investigation revealed prices as high as I wouldn't be ready to pay for the stuff. Kinda sad since I would love to take pix of the night sky where I live. Went out the other night to pee and I was greeted with a sky full of stars - very nice view.


    2021-01-09 15:21:27.843000


    >>26726 I will be holding out until 4 cores become the norm. Intel still only has 4 cores max in the Tiger Lake lineup (despite having serious architectural improvements in power saving and graphics)


    2021-01-10 19:44:43.906000


    I have a cat

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  • Pernd

    2021-01-10 19:51:18.882000



    JPG, 1280x720, 1.3 MB

    I will write about this later but I got a cat without moving a finger

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  • Pernd

    2021-01-11 12:04:25.791000



    JPG, 236x236, 7.4 KB

    >>26737 >>26738 nice


    2021-01-14 08:55:06.947000


    I just had a hard time coming up here to the house because now there is snow. vexing


    2021-01-14 22:03:35.523000


    >>26715 I would neva believe dat. >>26719 >I got diagnosed with schizophrenia/bipolar cause I thought there are people stalking me I got the same. >The prescribed quentipine Sames for me.

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  • Pernd

    2021-01-14 22:05:17.601000


    >>26727 Kys garch. >>26737 >>26738 OMG So cute! You damn lucky bastard.


    2021-01-14 22:06:04.681000


    Do you call the mácska Šprot?

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  • Pernd

    2021-01-15 07:14:26.657000



    JPG, 1280x720, 1.3 MB

    Here is this motherfucker eating dogfood

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  • Pernd

    2021-01-15 08:51:32.397000


    >>26745 You just named it. It's name shall be Sprotni from now on

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  • Pernd

    2021-01-16 06:30:18.544000


    >>26743 when I was in trade school someone sold them to me. We called them snoozeberries cause it makes you really sleepy, also helps people with bipolar/schizo diseases in shutting up and stuff.


    2021-01-16 06:35:59.369000


    >>26746 Lmao >>26747 Based, nice. I like it.


    2021-01-16 07:07:14.817000




    2021-01-16 09:38:04.156000


    Going to pick up my new car now! Ps sprotni is pregnant, idk what to do. Honestly I don't want more cats


    2021-01-16 17:26:45.430000




    2021-01-16 18:04:34.265000



    JPG, 1280x720, 1.2 MB

    2 idiots 1 car

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  • Pernd

    2021-01-17 18:19:18.109000



    PNG, 300x287, 209.5 KB

    >>26753 Very nise


    2021-01-21 06:53:50.069000



    JPG, 1280x720, 1.1 MB

    I bought an optibay sata expansion module and a cheap used ssd. Ordered 16gigabytes of ram. Going in on the whole upgrade thing full force. The benefits of the two SSD setup are twofold, first I get to expand the storage on a low cost, yet, second, when I buy a full desktop, I will have a boot drive readily available. Its 128gb because thats the only size that makes sense for a sata interface. for what you can get a drive with higher capacity, you can get one with a more advanced interface, thus losing on priceperf with big sata drives. Funniest thing? The drive and the tray costed as much as a bottle of hard liquor that I would impulse buy without thinking. I really need to rethink my alcohol policies


    2021-01-21 12:36:08.984000


    >Funniest thing? The drive and the tray costed as much as a bottle of hard liquor that I would impulse buy without thinking. I really need to rethink my alcohol policies I'd buy a bottle of hard liquor instead. t. Slav


    2021-01-21 20:11:23.036000


    me both


    2021-01-22 08:34:44.855000



    JPG, 1280x720, 1.4 MB

    See this is why you have 2 cars


    2021-01-25 10:05:06.048000



    JPG, 853x1280, 169.4 KB

    hey macska do you by any chance kbow where this building is? it's in budapest i know for sure

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  • Pernd

    2021-01-26 13:16:31.023000


    >>26765 Are you trying to stalk ferenc?

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  • Pernd

    2021-01-26 22:26:35.777000


    >>26769 I'd fucking creampie Ferenc t. not Jaro


    2021-01-27 13:45:06.197000



    JPG, 1280x959, 157.9 KB

    Yaro rate I'm on 16GB now

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  • Pernd

    2021-01-28 08:40:27.375000


    >>26769 no, my friend who moved to hungary lives around there >>26772 nice t. also 16 rn

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  • Pernd

    2021-01-30 10:05:44.132000



    JPEG, 226x225, 6.2 KB

    I think I reached the peak of my career. I spent two days drunk out of my mind in an unheated room eating grilled sandwiches and drinking whatever I got my hands on. I ultimately decided to stop drinking and stop buying drinks because they eat into my wallet _however_ I just had so much fucking alcohol at home, it just kept accumulating because if I've seen a good price or something interesting, I bought it. This went to the point when I one time actually gave away 36 cans of beers to aniki for helping and I still had this much around I live on a mountain (hill) top, I drink inhumanly amounts of alcohol in unheated places. Am I a demon? An oni? anyway this shit needs to stop. I still have tons of alco at home but I will try to keep myself off of it. Oh by the way, everything is shit. I trailered the broken suzuki back to the dealership (it costed 20 thousand fucking forints) and they said they will call me about it. sigh my other car is making noises too, so actually I'm in a really shit situation. I need to get some tools and fix it or some shit.

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  • Pernd

    2021-01-30 10:18:41.418000



    JPG, 881x542, 67.1 KB

    >>26765 https://www.google.hu/maps/@47.5139581,19.0466662,3a,90y,65.21h,93.47t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sUZeuJ-xJrTbY5JX4kYAY2g!2e0!6s%2F%2Fgeo3.ggpht.com%2Fcbk%3Fpanoid%3DUZeuJ-xJrTbY5JX4kYAY2g%26output%3Dthumbnail%26cb_client%3Dmaps_sv.tactile.gps%26thumb%3D2%26w%3D203%26h%3D100%26yaw%3D103.23197%26pitch%3D0%26thumbfov%3D100!7i16384!8i8192 it's next to the Pest pier of Margit híd there are many buildings like this in Budapest but the layout of the road gives it away kinda very funny how I actually do know this place just by looking at the pic


    2021-01-30 17:45:15.249000


    >>26773 What's your opinion on Hungary, Járo? I've never been there but I'm pretty sure I'll love that country.


    2021-01-30 17:47:55.775000


    >>26774 >I still have tons of alco at home but I will try to keep myself off of it. I wish I had tons of alco at home. I came to the point I need at least 0.5 l of vodka to get drunk a bit. Also trying not to smoke because my teeth are being ruined and I have that pain.


    2021-02-02 01:56:50.534000


    I bought a blackberry passport. I want to return it but feel too bad to speak w/ receptionist to return


    2021-02-03 12:43:43.245000


    The Suzuki is now fixed! These guys are fast! I'm happy now. Now I will try to drink the remaining alcohol I have around (lots of wine) I had a revelation again, like with the pc part and alcohol: I realized I can put together an entry level web browsing desktop for 30k BUT An entry level Bosch (not bad) rotary saw costs the same new! So I will need that more than a second pc just for ergonomics Such cases. I looked up wood prices. The horror! Still, not as bad as the price of a normal house, nowhere near that. So it's all good.

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-02-03 15:12:29.328000


    >>26780 Very nices, Bosch is a good brand imo. Me have bosch electronic screwdriver.

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-02-03 15:18:43.501000


    >>26781 Bosch is a great brand. But, Bosch BLUE is the best. Yet, we are already talking about Bosch GREEN in the 30k range. REALLY makes you think, doesn't it?


    2021-02-05 10:34:42.018000


    So the other day I broke the keyboard while being drunk because some guy just really pissed me off. That's so dumb from me. Whenever everything is too good, I go and break something to nerf myself Anyway I'm thinking not fixing it in a hurry, maybe I can do other sensible things other than sitting in front of the computer all day long. I just packed some books with me for work. From elitebook to normal books heh fuck.

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-02-05 11:00:58.370000


    I have to cut up a bunch of wood, do some laundry and clear out some trash. At least the cars are working so it's alright.


    2021-02-05 23:25:32.829000


    >>26783 >Whenever everything is too good, I go and break something to nerf myself Me also have this kinds of self sabotage behaviors

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  • Pernd

    2021-02-06 02:59:03.849000


    >>26785 Which province of Canada are you from?

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-02-06 16:09:06.310000


    >>26786 this is bc

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  • Pernd

    2021-02-06 22:31:21.521000



    JPG, 3120x3120, 2.2 MB


    JPG, 3120x3120, 1.7 MB


  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-02-07 17:32:00.187000


    >>26791 Your kot?


    2021-02-08 03:44:55.662000




    2021-02-08 17:47:04.317000


    Bought an expensive keyboard, going to pick it up tomorrow. I will try to buy summer tires & wheels for the Suzuki too, I found a sweet deal, hope it will be available tomorrow too. I found a bunch of good deals lately and I was just too late to catch them, now there are only worse. So I'm buying in the summer tire thing early. I want to buy tools soon too. Need to fix cars. Cleared up some wood around the car so I can park both in soon. I am trying to eat less. It's fine so far. Health? Who gives a shit, I want to spend less. I will get healthy when gyms open. Not using the laptop was beneficial in the last few days. Maybe I should make a habit out of it. I will soon run out of alcohol and won't buy again. Things are starting to shape up, methink


    2021-02-08 23:42:29.758000


    >>26790 Est-ce que Colombie-Britannique?

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-02-09 00:35:53.036000


    >>26798 yeh it is


    2021-02-09 09:05:56.030000


    >AUTOSAGE reeee, why

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  • Pernd

    2021-02-10 14:13:41.524000



    JPG, 3120x3120, 1.6 MB

    this is kotguru.


    2021-02-10 20:53:48.647000


    >>26807 such is kotchan written, i could increase it i guess


    2021-02-10 20:55:45.816000


    increased post limit to 300 and bump limit to 250


    2021-02-11 19:57:24.886000


    I just bought expensive tools. They are top tier so it's ok. Still sizeable chunk of my income but oh well. Not powertools to clarify


    2021-02-14 12:02:01.784000


    Bought some powertools. Green bosch anglegrinder small, also a hyundai cordless screwdriver. Sooner or later I would have needed to buy them anyway, and it was cheap, so. Not letting a good deal slip anymore. It was -1°C in the morning in the room, but it was surprisingly okay. Gas heating betrayed me btw, pretty useless. Mood is good. I want to do stuff as soon as the weather turns for the better. Fun fact: went to aniki. He had a scale. I weigh 145kg. Interesting, it doesnt feel that much. Maybe my body got used to it. I am only bothered by how I have less energy and less clothes fit me, the numbers don't concern much. Still. That's some weight there. No wonder I couldn't really starve myself better (although I did lower food costs a little), you can't run off a naval carrier off of a barrel of oil. Winter ends soon and that's very good. I am dipping my toes into calligraphy of chinese characters. Beautiful thing. Spent lots of money this month but hey, all this stuff needs to be bought anyway. Life is nice I think.


    2021-02-14 12:04:26.862000


    Also some things fail spectacularly given low enough temperature. I feel like I'm really experiencing reality, getting close to it. Some people may never see these things in their lives.


    2021-02-16 19:22:28.078000


    things are kinda good I guess. I'm kinda used to the bad temperatures. At one point, all my water froze. I tried keeping a bottle under the blanket to warm it up, the results being disappointing are expected. After all, water can soak pretty much the most heat around us in everyday physics, so I almost got a cold and a little water out of it. My immediate solution is to buy a unit of water from the store and keep it in the car which is a relatively warmer place, especially with me traveling around in it. But now some of my existing supplies unfroze as well, so it's all good. I keep getting suprised just how much actually useful stuff one can get for the price of the expensive keyboard I bought. I still don't regret it as a functional artpiece (typing this on it right now) but it's mostly a meme. Quietest cherry mx switches, still a bit too loud for my tastes Still, 30k HUF is a lot of money! Other good stuff: So I was thinking about the suzuki the other day, since it has trash speakers in the back. But it has a Pioneer radio unit. So I read after the part number and turns out it has quite a lot of features onboard! Bluetooth for instance. I used an FM transmitter for this in the past since the other pioneer tuner in the other car doesn't have bluetooth. But using a FM transmitter means you put an analog stage between the digital stuff, that means picking up interference from real radio stations, trams, and all sorts of switching noise, often even from the ignition of the car. Now this analog stage being cut out, I can get a much better signal and even more quality of life features. Great stuff! Lots of stuff is kinda bad on the suzuki, but this radio is solid. Even more: it has 2 RCA pre-outs on its back, which means trivial expansion with external amplifiers and speakers! (this is big because the one in the passat has none and that gave me headaches in the past) So now, coming back to the 30k keyboard question: 30k in car audio gets me a decent new entry level brand name amplifier and the so-called big oval speakers (that are usually the biggest enthusiast grade non-bandwith specific speaker size, 6"x9") used but brand name, and I mean to do this on the Suzuki. It just really makes you think how freaking overpriced everything is in computer shit. I've been playing some shit mobile games lately and been outside doing stuff (basically not touching my computer). Let's hope the weather gets better and I can spend even less time in the room rotting and killing time and actually doing stuff


    2021-02-16 19:42:07.713000



    JPG, 1280x720, 269.5 KB

    Also I really like the Suzuki. Hungary is water, me driving Suzuki is fish. Here are both cars. I finally managed to get both of them in. Got the Suzuki washed the other day since it was salty from a snowy morning run (that was kinda fun too because retards can't drive their spaceship moving castles and you just blaze past them in an ancient flying coffin because you actually can drive) Idiot cat shown on passat bonnet. I actually plan to take down the gate when better weather comes, sand it down and repaint to some neutral nice color. This place will get also more work on once better weather comes (or I get super bored and go work outside in the colds because I have clothes duh) Trash on the left, lots of cut tree stuff behind the cars and everywhere around that needs to be cut up You can also see some aborted concrete fence thing in front of the VW, I will remove that shit as well. How much 30k can buy? I could buy the paint + angle grinder + paintbrush + metal brush to do the whole gate. fucking keyboards being overpriced haha. Don't get me started how much car parts I could buy from 30k.

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  • Pernd

    2021-02-17 04:23:48.895000


    >>26822 very nices I like :upkot:


    2021-02-17 13:33:26.107000


    >>26822 It's gonna look cozy in summer


    2021-02-18 13:09:36.317000


    does anyone @here have a recommendation for a hammer power drill? preferably under 60-80$

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-02-18 21:58:45.282000


    >>26826 https://www.amazon.com/0-2800RPM-Between-Electric-360%C2%B0Rotating-Aluminum/dp/B07VSCV2WZ/ref=sr_1_11?_encoding=UTF8&c=ts&dchild=1&keywords=Power+Hammer+Drills&qid=1613685230&s=power-hand-tools&sr=1-11&ts_id=552802 is the cheapest I founds on amazon but not sure how much voltage you wants or battery life so not sure how well it would hold up . https://www.amazon.com/Genesis-GSHD1290-Variable-Handle-Corded/dp/B000VHEF8A/ref=sr_1_33_sspa?_encoding=UTF8&c=ts&dchild=1&keywords=Power+Hammer+Drills&qid=1613685292&s=power-hand-tools&sr=1-33-spons&ts_id=552802&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUExSDIzOUhXMDRXSDY0JmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwMzA1NzgxMkpaOTVJU1NVRDFMUyZlbmNyeXB0ZWRBZElkPUEwOTkxMzEzMTVRSk5LRTk2TUJTUiZ3aWRnZXROYW1lPXNwX2J0ZiZhY3Rpb249Y2xpY2tSZWRpcmVjdCZkb05vdExvZ0NsaWNrPXRydWU= looks cool, not sure about these brands though https://www.amazon.com/CRAFTSMAN-CMED741-7A-Hammer-Drill/dp/B07KKHNPWZ/ref=sr_1_28?_encoding=UTF8&c=ts&dchild=1&keywords=Power+Hammer+Drills&qid=1613685430&s=power-hand-tools&sr=1-28&ts_id=552802 is recognizable brandu, would maybe recommend but never tried usings


    2021-02-20 11:24:50.591000



    JPG, 900x900, 51.8 KB


    JPG, 1000x1000, 52.8 KB

    >>26826 The rule of the thumb with hammer drills depends on your usecase. If you just need to make a hole in a brickwall to hang shelves/picture, do some light wall breaking for electrical stuff, you need the form factor on the first picture. They are much more drilling with accuracy focused rather than the hammering and actually breaking down walls. Now, if your usecase is relatively heavy, for example you have to do the whole house electrical-wise (drill wall, drill for the pipes etc) and/or you have to drill concrete, definitely go for the second form factor. I don't know much about prices and availability in ukraine, but if you have to use it frequently/for work, definitely go for a name brand Pic relateds will be expensive since they are professional tools so not an option, just chose them based on I know them and worked with them to illustrate the form factor thing. Battery is basically a scam compared to corded, there is electricity on worksites from the very beginning (been there done that) and they WILL die down the line during the lifetime of the machine. Heavy duty stuff like hammer drills and angle grinders do not play well with batteries anyway, not to mention the machines themselves are heavier than the corded counterparts. (Weight changes your accuracy and fatigue) The only thing I own that has a battery is a cordless screwdriver. On an unrelated note: I went for a wooden house for these reason in the beginning, wood is just much easier to handle than brick and mortar

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-02-21 13:59:37.142000


    >>26833 isnt the pic1 a perforator? i definitely need a lighter one for now, tho. need to hang a couple of things in the bathroomand whatnot. apparently will something like this be enough? not the cheapest option,but relatively affordable https://epicentrk.ua/ua/shop/bosch-professional-06011a1021.html i've had great great experience with makita and bosch back in the factory, makita has great cordless and pneumatic tools

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-02-22 02:03:54.380000



    JPG, 599x604, 67.1 KB


    2021-02-22 02:10:08.024000


    bosch is good brand imo


    2021-02-22 16:32:17.745000


    Okay, let's talk stuff


    2021-02-22 16:40:10.310000



    JPG, 1000x1000, 301.4 KB

    >>26836 >perforator wat? no, that's a proper hammer drill. the reason you might be confused is the front is equipped with a more hammering focused drill connector called SDS. It's a professional standard used by pro tools to ensure long life in professional products. Your link has the classic drill head (apparently anglos call it a chuck) which while can hammer a little, suffers reliability problems on the long term in serious environments. fret not, it should still be a capable drill for a few bathroom tiles.


    2021-02-22 17:08:10.460000



    JPG, 1280x720, 1.3 MB


    JPG, 1280x720, 1.1 MB


    JPG, 1280x720, 1.0 MB

    The suzuki is having problems at the moment. Some breaking and electrical shit I have to figure out. Problem is that the tools I ordered still have not arrived. I have to use the passat for now (which is actually a really good car too, but it also has a fault now that should be serviced) Spent yesterday and today putting around stuff in the garden, cut branches, bricks, trash furniture, all that. IT's really coming together and it's really fucking NOICE Went to Bauhaus today. It's a place with tools and shit. turns out, paint is fucking expensive actually. That made me shit my pants. I SURVIVED WINTER WITHOUT HEATING I'm a fucking yeti. nice feelings. Bought a box of beer to celebrate spring. It's really nice that I can just be around in a sweater and whatnot! Better times are coming! Pic 1: If you look at this picture, you can see the awful craftmanship on this house THE TWO WALLS DON'T CONNECT they just put up that external brickwall BADLY and they though this is going to be fine. BUT it's better for us! I can just tear down the brick part and get a pure wooden wall! That's pretty amazing actually. The incompetence of these people is both amazingly bad yet amazingly helpful. found these bottle openers today. good, I like stuff like this. crap looking but useful


    2021-02-22 18:01:54.625000



    JPG, 1280x720, 1.1 MB


    JPG, 1280x720, 1.4 MB


    JPG, 1280x720, 1.2 MB

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-02-22 18:06:23.128000


    >>26843 Sprotni ez a nagyon csinos macska :D


    2021-02-22 19:55:32.308000


    >I SURVIVED WINTER WITHOUT HEATING wtf chad, I would hate that

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-02-24 17:54:39.841000


    the weather is good, life is nice


    2021-02-25 17:12:56.917000


    >>26845 Winter in Canada is probably much worse tho

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-02-25 17:16:21.627000


    >>26852 its actually not so bad this year strangely. normally would have a bit of snow or a lot of rain but its just dry air and weather is alright


    2021-02-26 12:59:44.104000


    Starting to get extremely frustrated. The tools I ordered TWO WEEKS ago are nowhere. My cars are stwrting to break down again.


    2021-02-26 14:40:15.416000


    am currently experimenting with sim cards and mobile network testenings. As well as trying out different linux distros


    2021-02-26 20:15:03.528000


    I just ordered some top notch PC parts. Expensive but who the hell cares. I want to have fun once in a while too!

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-02-26 21:44:07.644000


    >>26868 post parts tbh


    2021-02-27 13:27:28.823000


    >>26868 What exactly?


    2021-02-28 00:30:00.261000


    >>26868 also want to fix up vista and buy ram cards but dat shipping and handling fees make it almost not worth it

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-02-28 11:41:42.819000


    >>26878 BC, wanna play Age of Empires 2?

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-02-28 15:43:54.037000


    >>26879 yeh I'd be down


    2021-03-01 07:07:37.616000


    Just ordered a 256GB Samsung EVO microSD because it was on sale too. I was just looking at used prices and seen some people offer 128GB ones new for cheaps. Got suspicious and checked out the store I know is cheap and distributes legit stuff for cheaps. The prices of 256GB cards have really came down! I know because my phone can handle SDXC only up to 256GB and I checked the price when I bought it somewhere 1 or 2 years ago. I have a 32 GB SDHC card in the phone now that came from my tablet (that can only handle sdhc). Man, that card looks like a joke now, and 32gb prices are like two meals now. I'm maxing out this phone too! God damn I love hardware I can upgrade. (The phone is 64gb btw, but both storage volumes are almost full now and the phone already complained) This is 15k huf, but you gotta buy what you gotta buy. I'm prepared for that mentally. I will need to start building the house too, and that will need money and spending too.

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-03-01 07:09:58.830000


    >>26883 idk my phone is 64gb and it's been enough,i can always remove cache and whatnot

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-03-01 07:11:56.012000


    >>26884 I started putting my images over to the sd card when it started complaining. But now the sd card is almost full too. I even removed some stuff from it. I just need more storage and that's it.


    2021-03-01 07:15:01.403000



    PNG, 1080x2246, 126.5 KB

    Funny thing I don't even have a lot of music on this thing. Just a few oldies I've been carrying for years (sometimes I listen to them in the car) So it's not like I'm really stressing on storage super hard, it doesn't cover my offline data needs, I still utilize my limitless connection mostly


    2021-03-01 07:33:53.831000


    Also: I need to start thinking about getting chickens and how to put it in practice. As you can see, tech prices go down, yet food just goes up always. Previous owner built some sort of brick building that could be good for this purpose, I think I will just need some wire and fence and a little attention.


    2021-03-01 14:25:12.121000


    Looking at cameras. I might just get it up and running under 200k. I hope. My target resolution is 1080p@30fps

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-03-02 14:14:31.065000


    >>26889 can they do nightvision btw also probably would be a smart idea to set up remote viewing


    2021-03-03 06:23:07.144000


    just got the email yesterday my pc parts and tool orders went through. Been waiting for those tools since february 11th! I will try to avoid that company next time I need something because that's some lazty ass delivery. The pc parts shop is so much quicker, I like them, they said it will be available on friday yet they got it ready already, happy with those guys. same guys I got the keyboard and the ram for the laptop too. I still need to pick up the case I want used and some cameras. let's hope I can do all today


    2021-03-03 16:25:12.515000



    PNG, 860x758, 561.5 KB

    Literally >I suffer on the Hungary: The Thread

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  • Pernd

    2021-03-04 13:12:55.202000


    >>26898 I'm not going to explain myself every time you post this. Everything I'm buying now is expected to last 10 years. I work for it.

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-03-07 07:30:56.984000


    >>26904 >I'm not going to explain myself every time you post this >literally no arguments Yes living on the Hungary is like living in the heaven actually.


    2021-03-07 14:26:04.137000



    PNG, 489x396, 278.0 KB

    >>26898 >survived winter in single house in a rural area without heating <hurrdurrgarch


    2021-03-07 20:08:27.056000


    Hungary kot is beast mode


    2021-03-08 14:23:48.517000


    Been moving data to the new sd card all day - transfers take hours and lots of gigabytes are involved Who would think being an imageboarder is taxing for a device, it's just images and files, nothing computationally intensive. Workday started yesterday morning and finishes tomorrow morning, three jobs involved - very high efficiency. If there is one thing I don't mind now is some extra money. I will need to start buying serious shit for the house

    Percieved oligarchy and economics


    2021-03-10 12:05:16.004000



    PNG, 453x267, 14.2 KB

    So actually there is a case for buying stuff that looks expensive but it's actually cheaper on the long run A prime example is the storage devices in computers, particularly SSDs. SSDs scale interestingly in price. They start out relatively cheap at 128gb and 256gb, but as you go higher in capacity, things start to get cheaper until you reach ultra high end which is up from 2 TB. SSDs have a very peculiar scaling as technology. SSDs store bits in cells. But these cells can wear out or just snuff out over months if there is no writing happening. Therefore SSD controllers have internal code they run to rearrange data to reduce this cell wear. So here comes the problem: once you pass a certain treshold, your ssd will perform these internal writes on a large scale relative to the drive which will introduce wear but still less than what would happen if it didnt do it. So, there is wear, and it already makes sense to buy a larger one, right? Well, there is more. Larger SSDs are often faster and they often do that until filled for the same data as a smaller one, because SSD use a smart trick to make writes faster: they allocate some cells to be cache cells. It's simple from here, you have more cells, you can use more of them to be a cache because your drive is not full already from data And now one I also consider to be important: environmental damage Our SSD will wear out one day. However if we buy a large one, we pack more NAND chips on the same size of PCB. We just made less trash per capacity, just because we saved up for a larger size So to sum it up: what seems to be expensive first may become the budget on the long run. You can use it for more time before it fails (driving the monthly costs super low), it will be faster, and it will be less environmental bother when you have to dispose it. Data needs will only go up in the future. The first hard drive I ever dealt with was a 6GB quantum fireball. Nowadays windows asks for 20 gigabytes with a straight face. As you can imagine when your data needs will elevate over time, your smaller SSD will rake up more wear simply by being filled more relatively and it will get slower too. You ever wondered just how better is it to be rich? Here is your proof. This sort of scaling sort of applies around almost all computer hardware, but it's a thing in other areas too, but not this visibly. Tools scale in a funny way. You buy some chinese shit, it usually prematurely dies from simple work, and you paid half of the price of a proper kit. You buy it again and you wish you bought the expensive one first, because not just you just made yourself available for failure again but you generated a lot more trash and lost efficiency and time just by simply dealing with equipment failure. Real professional tools like Würth, some of their lines at least, have lifetime warranty. You break it, go to them and get a new part for free. What seems like oligarchy first is actually a high accuracy longterm purchase. When you factor costs of equipment, always do a total cost of ownership calculation. Maybe the part you deemed too expensive will be the cheapest on the long run. On the picture you can see how the specs for the same series of drives change relatively to capacity.


    2021-03-12 15:35:40.319000



    JPG, 1280x720, 1.2 MB


    JPG, 1280x720, 1.1 MB

    So I want to mount an electric socket but there is no wall to mount to. I fixed it temporarily. All that stuff I rambled about how wooden houses can be easily fixed applies now.

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-03-12 19:34:41.487000


    >>26937 rate, i've only got a single wall outlet in my room, i have to use three extenders plugged into each other

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-03-12 22:12:26.688000


    >>26938 I suffered from this too until now.


    2021-03-12 22:50:40



    JPG, 1920x2560, 1.1 MB

    Me primary outlet

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  • Pernd

    2021-03-12 23:16:20.150000



    PNG, 200x167, 56.5 KB

    >>26941 Man, keep your cables orderly packed, that ain't chow mein

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  • Pernd

    2021-03-13 01:41:56.541000



    JPG, 1100x516, 99.2 KB

    >>26942 Thanks fren, big cleaning of rooms I think, also 2nd day off adderall


    2021-03-13 09:18:29.009000


    >>26941 Holy shit nigger

    More on cameras


    2021-03-14 09:51:50.202000


    So it turns out maybe I should go the IP camera route instead of discrete stuff. I bought a good quality psu and a really weak processor and a motherboard with strong networking on board which translates into a system that might just be suitable for cctv with low consumption. That would effectively mean a system where I would only need to buy a CCTV oriented HDD and the cameras themselves. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, IP camera market is more expensive and shittier than traditional cameras. So I'm searching for a good model now. But this move would have the potency of savings up to 50-60 k still and maybe a less troublesome installation.


    2021-03-14 10:12:36.203000


    me kinda wanna get raspberry 4 just to tinker with but yeah have to order parts and cables and adapters and all thats. Everything here is built in anyways

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  • Pernd

    2021-03-15 08:29:52.716000


    >>26951 Don't, learn PC. Everything is just fluff after that


    possum storm trooper

    2021-03-16 03:45:15.976000



    JPG, 1024x768, 216.0 KB

    hoo-haa! Just like that!


    2021-03-16 13:03:09.551000



    PNG, 1080x2246, 127.4 KB

    Finally got around to make the data migrations. Things are shaping up methinks. There are a lot of things in the air around computers, house, tools, cars


    2021-03-17 19:57:21.430000


    Been tired mentally for some days now. I got alco I got pizza but I just lack the internal fire


    2021-03-18 17:02:55.331000



    JPG, 1280x720, 1.2 MB

    Went and bought a lot of fucking tools and supplies, around 80k. However most of this will be very useful and enables lots of small jobs around the house. I will still have to spend around 60-80 on cameras (I found a way to make it cheaper) Hard spendings but you have to make them. Did electrical today, mounted two sockets. Very pissy small job but 1. It is a must 2. Will reduce the clutter in the house a lot, no more splitters. I did it with thin wire because these are very close to the splitter and they are in the bedroom/living room so there is no real big load on them Laptop/phone charger/TV/stereo system such shit isn't a big thing. We will see how life goes and how much I spend on the computer I plan to build because that can become quite a load. I can always redo it, I guess. Pros and cons of being able to do everything on an acceptable level.


    2021-03-18 17:41:05.139000


    I can see the end of buying tools. After that it will be all materials like wood and lacquer. That is expensive too, but still. Having tools is nice. Still it will cost a lot. And I still don't pay my monthly on the whole shit sigh. Such is life for the poor


    2021-03-18 17:44:08.165000


    The walls are still wet and the floor is still unstable. These are going to be big things. But I have to bring up the house to a relatively liveable level first. I have the refrigerator since like a week but I still haven't plugged it in because there is nowhere to. This is one of the drawbacks of doing everything yourself. I will need windows too, and I have to redo the door too. Lots and lots of stuff.


    2021-03-19 04:15:46.187000


    I had to clean off ice from the car and the snow was falling as I left home Where the fuck is my spring, bro?


    2021-03-19 07:05:20.810000


    we have heavy snowfalls allthe time and then they melt away the very next day early spring is awful


    2021-03-19 12:53:54.203000


    No snow heres except for maybe twice but it melted before could freeze to ice thankfully

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-03-19 16:21:16.207000


    >>26979 BC, you have steam acc?

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-03-20 22:06:43.513000


    >>26980 yeah add me pls its redrea


    2021-03-22 11:00:49.949000



    JPG, 1280x720, 1.4 MB


    JPG, 1280x720, 1.2 MB


    JPG, 1280x720, 1.4 MB


    JPG, 1280x720, 1.4 MB

    Over the weekend, we have torn down the external brick "wall" that the previous owners built badly - as you can see the bad wall had devastating effects on the steel frame - explaining the mysterious floor bend/flex when weight gets applied to certain parts. Now, fret not, fixing this frame is fairly straightforward now that I have a welder too, I am fully geared up for working with metal. The rest if the wall is favela tier, mismatched parts, more "amazing craftmanship", bad materials and past modifications fill out the surface. It shouldn't be too hard to fix these either, my tool stack is almost ready to tackle most woodworking too. I can start buying the materials and replacing stuff soon. Everything would be great EXCEPT WHAT THE FUCK, IT WAS LESS THAN 5 CELSIUS IN THE MORNING, WHERE THE FUCK IS MY SPRING FFS Rage and madness is all I feel about this stupid weather. Anyway the frame seems to be less damaged on first inspection on the other sides of the house, but you can see now how the badly built ""wall"" is a ticking timebomb.


    2021-03-25 04:32:42.711000


    I did absolutely nothing in the last two days. I feel like I'm going insane

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-03-25 08:38:23.985000


    >>26989 I swear it must be the fucking weather/ spring / whatever controls hooman dopamine output For last 2 days I barely had any willpower to do stuff after work

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-03-25 13:47:16.374000


    >>26990 I know for a fact that I get affected by the weather very heavily, but this time it's the lockdown too. I can feel my soul getting crushed And the house is a battlefield too but I couldn't get up to do anything at all Now it looks like this psychological torture chamber will only continue so I have to start dealing with it but idk how. Alcohol doesn't cheer me up either


    2021-03-25 23:54:08.116000


    I am coffeemans now drinking the coffee


    2021-03-26 21:18:05.936000



    JPG, 720x1280, 208.4 KB

    Finally the weather is nice and I feel good. Went to get some steel beams to replace the rotten ones in the house. I found a dealer nearby so this is going to be swift from now. I'm super happy with it, I can source wood and steel easily, the rest is on me


    2021-03-26 22:03:20.420000


    we had +11 today yesterday it was snowing lol


    2021-03-28 16:45:52.961000


    Talks on the web in my usual circles are getting tedious. Lot of ppl are just stuck in the same state, it's not refreshing or anything. Luckily I ordered a tablet so I can continue learning kanji and limit internet usage. I've been searching for one since like 2 weeks, but they were sold out at my usual places.


    2021-03-28 17:40:41.930000


    Now with the next month coming and hopefully good weather, I will accelerate the construction too. I'm just all too bored by the inside-hobbies as much as I want the place to become better too


    2021-03-31 09:45:21.233000



    JPG, 1280x720, 1.4 MB


    JPG, 1280x720, 1.3 MB

    I finally started doing shit! Replaced this rusty beam to support the floor better, which is already much more stable. As you can see there is nothing under the wall, but I will put an additional piece of frame there for extra strength. But not for the wall! The wall will be torn down and I will go for the japanese sliding doors straight instead of doing a mid step of strenghtening the wall and putting in a proper window. So now I'm looking at videos on how to make them The weather is great and I love it I found a dead mouse among my laundry Little deadmau5 chewed on some rodent poision I bought when I moved in, so it's confirmed working. I have to resort to active defense instead of passive methods since the house still has huge gaps (by mouse standards) to enter so I can't really keep them out. Little guy didn't do additional damage so it's all good. Not much I can do about this whole thing, until I don't have the rooms and everything down to the last square meter and I can't build a proper wardrobe, the place will be still messy. Things are looking up I think.

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-03-31 09:50:23.780000


    Also pretty much all the tools work well, so I'm happy with those. Next month the money will be going into wood and chemicals that deal with wood. I will need some electric saw too, but the tool set is in a good shape now.

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-03-31 18:11:00.570000


    I'm starting to go insane I bought more pc parts. They all make sense but not now. I feel like shit


    2021-04-01 14:59:27.854000


    >>27003 How do you get water there? Do you have well or are connected to waterworks?

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-04-01 16:41:02.655000


    >>27007 There is no water. I buy bottled water and shit in an outhouse


    2021-04-03 03:49:59.287000



    JPG, 1280x720, 1.4 MB

    Had a very productive day yesterday, the weather was nice and I kept working until the sun went down. Removed most of the bad brickwall, things are not nearly as bad as it was on the first section where I already replaced the steel beam. After I remove all the bricks, I will fix the structure and make it stronger where I can, but after that, the real makeover starts. Funny how close that is, it's really nice. Heard the weather is going to be shit in the next few days. Doesn't matter, I also have some work so they don't go to waste Anyway, walls and stuff are coming soon.


    2021-04-05 11:15:45.864000



    JPG, 1440x960, 311.7 KB

    Had a slightly less productive day... because I drank too much bear. It was fine though. I almost got rid of the waste bricks around the house, it's going to look really clean and nice once I sort things out. Work today, work tomorrow. Going to pick up a new computer case after that (which is slightly pointless since I can't put them together until I make the house clean and nice but it was on sale) Salary coming too, which is good since I spent about the twice of it in last month (although the purchases I made are all long term stuff, so worth the money) I'm still trying to figure out how to implement old japanese techniques properly with the available materials. It's going to be really nice once done and it will make this small place feel more spacious and clean. I'm really excited to make the stuff I want and clean the house up. The steel structure still needs to be reinforced but that shouldn't be much of a problem


    2021-04-06 05:10:44.027000



    JPG, 1280x720, 1.1 MB


    JPG, 1280x720, 1.6 MB

    This place is an unpolished diamond. I'm just liking it more and more. It merely needs a helping hand and it will be the most beautiful place out there Heck, just by taking care of the garden, undoing the bad craftmanship on the house and getting rid of the trash would already make it really supreme.


    2021-04-06 07:24:26.855000


    tfw not as motivated i'd probably give uo by now

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-04-06 09:59:12.973000



    JPG, 1280x720, 1.1 MB

    >>27015 Oh you wouldn't if you have seen the place for yourself. Sure I am a bit more DIY and already have plenty of experience in living in shit conditions than the average person but I wouldn't trade

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-04-07 20:03:30.531000


    >>27016 looks great yeah idk i've been living in shit a lot


    2021-04-07 20:26:42.813000


    >>27002 I'm not good with diy architecture but just becarefuls that house is structurally stable I'm sure you know how to manage diy tho... Very nice work keep it up


    2021-04-09 06:05:59.099000


    Fucking garbage trash winter ice hell and going insane in the house was the main menu in the last two days I fucking hate the weather


    2021-04-10 17:56:35.643000



    JPG, 1280x720, 1.3 MB

    And we are in float mode now. Ofc it was in float mode always but now I removed all the bricks. I have to improve on security tomorrow but I have to deal with the laundry too, I've been putting it off too long. My cars are in bad shape too Bad weather is a serious shock to my schedule so let's hope it won't come back. Ever. All is good when I can work on stuff. There is a lot of leftover debris and an excessive amount of bricks, I can only think of paving the driveway with them but it's too much for that too. Maybe build a chicken coop or something. Not that that wouldn't need a lot of other resources too Busy, busy days. Haven't enjoyed some good hard liquor for a long time, the inside of the house is all over the place too since I had to remove weight from the part where I started replacing the frame. So no liquor. I have so much to do in the garden too, but the house and security is first.

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-04-10 18:05:49.521000


    Maybe I should get some days off to fix up cars and stuff


    2021-04-12 20:56:57.635000


    >>27023 looks cool but stay safe! t. yur friend bc

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-04-13 02:17:07.457000


    >>27034 Thank you friend, I will


    2021-04-21 05:22:00.149000


    i'll be moving on 24-25th and im anxious as fuck

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-04-21 18:19:12.194000


    >>27040 Wtf don't mov


    2021-04-21 20:03:51.930000


    >>27040 Moving where?

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-04-26 11:21:07.877000


    >>27042 penthouse suite in manhattan

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-04-26 19:13:52.652000



    JPG, 453x434, 23.1 KB

    >>27044 New poorch, what do you think?

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-04-26 23:24:54.619000


    >>27046 cool but blarg


    2021-04-28 12:30:43.097000


    >>27042 stanislawow t. already here

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-04-29 03:31:27.051000


    >>27050 congrats on the mov

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-04-29 05:08:53.253000



    JPG, 4032x3024, 3.0 MB


    JPG, 4032x3024, 4.7 MB


    JPG, 4032x3024, 3.5 MB

    >>27051 thank


    2021-05-02 11:18:14.668000



    JPG, 700x516, 117.2 KB


    JPG, 1280x720, 1.2 MB

    Had an absolute blast yesterday, it was truly a summer day. Haven't written lately, I got caught up in a bunch of stuff, mainly I was trying to build a computer but that thing pretty much failed, which isn't an issue actually because I got my money back for the main part that took up most of the funds. Tried to do a little frame fixing yesterday, but it turns out the next step has to be woodworking instead. Turns out I have a woodworking chisel on me, but it's a size 24 which is usually the biggest one in a set and let's just say it would be easier to bludgeon someone to death with it rather than stabbing or cutting because the blade is pretty much busted. Luckily chisels are pretty cheap new, as all woodworking handtools. Been watching videos of japanese woodworking and about their tools, pretty cool stuff, they are absolute madmen. There are some sharpening videos too, so I could fix the chisel but I think I will go with a set of cheap ones first and fix that one later (it's an old hungarian make, I don't want to scrap it). The first round of woodworking won't be a precise work anyway like you would need to be with furnitures and shit, I will be making a shitomi。It's a lattice against burglary. It's pretty funny how the classic handtools are super cheap nowadays as if no one would use them. It's been in the news that timber is getting more expensive so I guess my main expense will be the wood itself. I tried some cuts with the chisel yesterday and it kinda worked fine on dry hardwood, even if the blade was seriously bad. That could have been just the hardwood playing tricks. I tried my handsaws too and they looked fine. it's almost as if I only need some chisels and I'm fine to go. I hope that will be the case. It's starting to get hot in the house during these sunny days, so it's getting more and more important to do the walls and the windows. Pried around the front door a little too and it seems like I can move it easily. I want to make it into a sliding door because that is both very space efficient and weeb as well. I replaced the hammerhead on my hammer with one that I found on this property. It's heavier, so it's more powerful. The higher ratio of hammerhead/handle makes these things very good in tight situations although this still has a long handle so we can't really call it a hammer that's good for tight spaces. Who says life is not an RPG? 1. unlock area 2. find loot 3. upgrade equipment I love how simple handtools are and how simply one can upgrade them. That said I don't hate my angle grinder nor my other power tools but those need to be seriously good quality to not to cause more headaches than they solve.


    2021-05-02 11:29:41.284000


    Hand tools have one more quality to them that just makes them loveable as hell. When they get mistreated and become forgotten, they start to rust like everything made out of steel. But once you start to use them, they start to shine and become beautiful again. Saws particularly exhibit this and it's amazing. I found a handsaw too on this property, and I hope I can make it shine again. The hammer will be obviously shining, hammers are just essential. The funny thing is that even cars are similar. If you use them infrequently, they become more unreliable. Another one of the strange and fascinating rules of the universe you can wrap morals around too.

    environmental update

    2021-05-02 11:47:43.653000


    In the last few weeks I mainly sorted through trash and relocated some in the garden. Turns out, there are recycling bins next to the laundromat so I can dump metal cans and PET bottles there which is great! already took there a few big bags, there is just so much trash on this poor property and also I generated some of them with the whole water thing too. But now things are going to be nice and clean and it makes me feel good to get rid of trash that can be recycled and already spent too much time there out in the nature instead of being back in the economic cycle. I've been only drinking bottled beer lately which is also amazing, very cheap, makes no litter, and tastes good, and it isn't a hassle either to deal with since I always go around in cars. I discovered mosquito larvae in the water tank that collected rainwater and was already on the property yesterday. sounds like a big problem. I wanted to use that water for plants but I don't want to breed mosquitos. I already poured some chemicals in the water but I feel like those little shits don't give a shit and the volume of the water is too much to have a potent concentration in there. I will install one of those bug zappers to kill the already developed ones and I think I will just get rid of the water in there. Not much choice here. I heard chlorine can help swimming pools but if I want to water plants with it , in the end I would just poison my own plants and what's the point of that? I drink bottled water anyway (and beer and alco ofc)

    environmental update

    2021-05-02 11:54:06.969000


    Reading back the thread turns out I wrote a month ago here. Really drives the point home how it was a shit month.


    2021-05-02 13:21:24.738000


    i have whetstone but no chiesel, just use it to sharpen me edc knives. I am pretty proficient with hammer skills or mallet from my previous job as surveyor chainman but some of that muscle memory is lost. Unrusting steel seems very satisfactory and maybe your dull chiesel could be a rare one idk heh so maybe leave it unrefurbished


    2021-05-02 13:24:58.322000


    and might be insisting to manage my dads shoppu tomorrow (today once i wake up) depending if i am able to so I'll actually be busy with something i guess, even though its not much effort

    environmental update

    2021-05-03 14:31:56.912000


    Ordered three whetstones - JIS 1000,4000,8000 - which is funny since JIS is the japanese standard but the manufacturer is hungarian! it's a lot cheaper too than japanese whetstones as well (the manufacturer aims to be as good as them in the first place so we will see) the thing about this is that I can directly translate knowledge from japanese sharpening videos to irl. whetstones aren't bad things anyway

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-05-03 21:46:58.394000


    >>27062 mine is 400/1000 iirc, just standard kinds. Costed about 20 cad, I dont bother stropping knives either


    2021-05-05 08:12:47.411000



    JPG, 1280x720, 956.7 KB

    Got my whetstones just now!

    environmental update

    2021-05-06 11:51:23.973000


    I'm rather frustrated today.I've been working so much, I have not progressed with the house lately at all. I went to buy some wood yesterday for the shitomi. the local plank seller has some construction tier wood, it's ugly as shit, let's hope the lacqueur will hide the bad texture. Left quite a money there for some planks. I also need more woodworking tools. But mostly, time would be nice. Really thinking about getting some days off. The calendar just spins, no progress, the wallet just keeps getting lighter, no money. I'm frustrated.

    environmental update

    2021-05-06 18:03:28.201000



    JPG, 800x180, 9.1 KB

    ordered a saw. it's japanese

    environmental update


    2021-05-06 18:08:01.079000


    I will have to do laundry soon. I will get rid of big bags of trash and recyclables. The place should be a lot cleaner soon


    2021-05-07 07:03:23.545000



    JPG, 1280x720, 1.1 MB

    I got chisels for cheaps! Now I only need a plane


    2021-05-07 09:34:37.409000


    Took my phone to a service to change battery and put on a screen protector. I will be getting it back at 17.00 Now I will just go home for a little and come back in the city bc I have a nightshift tonight I went to a gym and asked for the conditions: you have to get a certification you got neutered (vaxed) and then it's free to go Not sure how to feel about this. These vaccines are bad.

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-05-07 21:03:14.197000


    >>27084 very cool, would >>27084 Im getting vaccinated this June possibly. Not in favour of vaccinations but maybe its good for the covid situationsalso am monitoring this threda


    2021-05-07 21:54:22.528000


    My financials are failing the sanity test. I'm leaking money badly but I'm not even splurging all around. Same bad cars, same bad clothes, same bad house (I only pay for electricity, and very little so it should be EZ mode) I need to investigate this. It could be the pizza. But what could I replace it with? Muddy waters here.


    2021-05-08 06:48:02.091000



    JPG, 4032x3024, 4.2 MB

    I'm sitting on the porch drinking pálinka in silence and a squirrel turned up


    2021-05-08 22:57:22.110000


    i bought 160$ sneakers

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-05-09 09:44:53.676000


    >>27089 pix?

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  • environmental update


    2021-05-09 11:21:17.628000



    JPG, 1280x720, 1.3 MB

    I brought two big bags of trash to work. Nice to get rid of them. One bag was old trash and one bag was about 3-4 months of living @ home trash. This is really good since I don't make as much trash as I thought I would and I can get rid of it pretty easily. The mosquito larvae are gone. They either evolved and left the tank or just died out (more likely) from the poison I poured in the tank. nevertheless, good news but I still need to basically get rid of it because there is not much use for it if I just breed mosquitos that flood the neighbourhood and make being at home unbearable but if I keep poisioning them, then I wouldn't pour it on my plants either. So why keep it. The neighbour had this plastic sceen over the fence to block off the bad sights from my property but they came around yesterday (old couple, nice ppl tbh) and I asked him to take it down so I can get much more sunlight and a more open space. I got rid of most of the trash that was in sight so it's pretty good. It's so much more open now! The place is starting to feel good tbh. Yesterday I was hanging out inside and I looked out on the window and seen the squirrel again. That was something.

    general progress


    2021-05-09 11:31:24.117000


    I have not investigated fully the financial situation, but if I want to get somewhere, I need to fix the walls and get the refrigerator running so I can prepare food and take it to work, avoiding ordering stuff. Which means we are back at the woodworking part. At least the order of execution is the same but now I have one more reason to focus on it. I kinda need a plane (the tool) and that's it. People have been giving me funny looks since I already run around in flip flops for like a week and some even asked about it. They are good and cheap so why not. I need to fix the suzuki so I can run around in that instead of the vw which consumes a little more fuel (but I can carry stuff with it, so...) I feel kinda good honestly. As I said 95% of my problems is the weather and the rest is what I cause myself. The place looks so much better now that the neighbor took off that plastic thing. Sitting on the porch and drinking pálinka while nature is just around you is so nice and relaxing. Lots of birds and all that. The japanese are so right about enjoying nature in harmony. Pálinka is a bit more expensive than beer but it's so much better and suits this enjoying nature thing a lot more. I didn't even want to listen to music like that.


    2021-05-09 14:32:12.991000



    JPG, 1280x960, 233.7 KB

    photo_2021-05-09_17-13-31 (2).jpg

    JPG, 960x1280, 295.0 KB


    JPG, 960x1280, 277.9 KB

    >>27090 ye just got them in the mail

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-05-09 15:02:18.050000


    >>27093 uhhh...

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-05-09 18:54:40.963000


    >>27094 rude

  • Replies:

  • my solution for covid


    2021-05-09 23:55:10.889000


    have a mask that covers only the mouth have nose uncovered so its exposed to fresh air. Have everyone exhale through mouths into mask. That way the germs remain on the masks only and can be disposed


    2021-05-10 01:53:08.225000


    also have been trying out doordash which is kinda cool but expensiv


    2021-05-10 03:40:22.638000


    >>27095 Not my cup of tea, but it's not my shoe either, so you like it and that's good.


    2021-05-10 04:31:50.477000


    To be honest I still have some shoe that I never actually wore for once. Got it from mum for christmas maybe last year or the year before that. It's adidas I think but I don't remember clearly. 1. I wear flipflops at summer 2. Buy shoes that look decent when I see some on sale 3. zero concern for aesthethics for shoes that I already have, I can load balance my shoe wear pretty well and I have not had to throw out any of them because they just never got worn out. Most of my advantages in this comes from the fact that I have no concern of looking decent whatsoever, a shoe is a shoe Once I will really sort out the whole house, car, financial and all that, maybe then I will start caring about aesthetics and looking like a decent being. I've been looking for suitable brands for a while


    2021-05-12 13:13:13.122000


    Spent the last two days doing casual satanism (aka nothing). I'm going to purify myself because I had enough.


    2021-05-12 13:17:13.087000


    going to pick up the saw tomorrow and get some money too.


    2021-05-14 03:54:58.503000


    Cleaned up my room, now it looks a lot tidier than before. Went outside for a bits today, feels depressing man. I don't have much to do, well thats not true I guess. Am deciding to help out my dad. He runs a 店 which is why the apartment looks like a warehourse and he is out of the country. I guess I should help him mind the store, although I don't want to. That place tires me out. Everything seems to tire me out nowadays. Fatigue is somewhat going away but hardly. Wanna get some exercise, not sure if I even can atm. I might give it a try but will have to take babby steps since I kinda f*cked up my lungs. Also waiting for covid vaccinations


    2021-05-14 06:35:34.816000


    ive registered to the covid vaccination list but it might be a long wait

  • Replies:

  • Pernd

    2021-05-14 07:12:10.893000


    >>27111 my dad and sis both got their responses and i havent yet


    2021-05-14 08:04:57.815000


    It's super easy to get vaxed here, there are like 4 kinds available. I just don't really want to. I could go to the gym, but man, these things are sketchy, all of them. I think so.


    2021-05-15 02:36:14.192000


    did some exercises today, if you wanna call it that, but I'm glad that I have been making progress. Also cleaning all bedsheets so it doesn't smell like kitty litter


    2021-05-15 15:17:59.242000



    JPG, 1280x720, 1.4 MB


    JPG, 1280x720, 1.1 MB

    Sorted through some more trash yesterday, getting ready for woodworking. The place is looking nicer and nicer every day. Tried the new saw - it's really good! Well, ofc it's a new saw, it cuts well, no surprises there. Gave some food that I bought for the cat some months ago to get rid of it. It happily ate it and slept around in the safety I provided The house is kinda tricky. I need to remove a few walls but I still don't have an idea how to do that, it looks like a messy job. Have to figure out the entrance door too and similar stuff on how exactly should I build it and what do I need for it, it is not that easy as I thought it would be. I finally got to understand how the roof is assembled on this thing and it seems easy enough. Sure I have to do the walls first but idk which should be the next step. I guess I will just cross that bridge when I get there. The woodworking will take a while anyway


    2021-05-15 19:47:42.090000


    Today I feel awful for no apparent reason. Did doordash some spicy late night chicken. Lets just say it didn't do the greatest on my bowels. But I'm happy to have found this resteraunt, its actually quite close to my place and I can just walk there next time (the doordash was just an experiment). But I wont be getting the spicy kind


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