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Bernd von Porch der II.

2021-09-08 22:10:00.819000



Fear and Shitposting in richchan.jpg

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What are yous plans for this day, fellow richchanners? Today I will probably do something that may be described as being utterly autistic and pointless. To be more precise sort my coin collection by their country origin. This might take anything between 30 minutes to ∞ hours, but it has to be done in my eyes. With Love, Bavaria.


2021-09-09 07:37:55.704000


im gonna work for a bit then maybe work some more


2021-09-09 09:42:34.088000



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Today I will waste oxygen and bandwidth, additionaly financially leeching on corporate structure.

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  • Bernd von Porch der II.

    2021-09-09 16:22:18.610000



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    2021-09-11 04:56:30.719000



    .PNG, 296x150, 85.1 KB

    Nothing meaningful or productive. Torture testing my brain. I've isolated myself and hardly socialized with anyone for over a year. I'm always so happy when people ask me how I am doing, but I dont knonw what to tell them. Theres so many people I want to contact to tell them how much they mean to me, and how grateful I am to have them around, but it would just sound ingenuine and unnatural.Theres new pain entering my body that I have never experienced and I dont know how long it will take to heal, otherwise I would get up and do things. Take care of your body guys...dont trash it like i did. Sometimes I would think of something funny like pic related and it would make me laugh. Then I remember that my life is getting pretty bad and is in decay. I remember when I used to get up in the morning to take transit to go to uni. Shit was cozy as fuck. I miss learning Japanese. Now the concept of a language seems so foreign.


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