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2021-10-30 10:09:38.431000



Where is hungarian poster? Did he find a more obscure and irrelevant microblogging site? Asking for a friend


2021-10-30 17:36:34.651000


No I'm here I still lurk every day, I just haven't written for some time My life changed a lot, I moved into one of my grandmother's house because it was abandoned since she's been in a pensioner home for years and granddad died last year. I bought a PS4 and game nowadays


2021-10-30 17:40:20.237000


Thing is, I might actually solved my wood shortage problem for my own house. So now I live in a normal house and I will build my own on the side

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  • Pernd

    2021-10-30 18:08:29.645000


    I still lurk every day and have content to share, I just haven't been in the mood to report on it. Life also slowed down and became less wild since I live in this old house and mess with smaller stuff

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  • Pernd

    2021-10-31 13:07:55.450000


    >>27727 >old house Does it have spooky ghosts? You should start a paranormal inbestigation


    2021-10-31 13:33:58.316000


    >>27726 nice post pics

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  • Pernd

    2021-11-01 11:03:12.866000




    2021-11-01 18:14:40.402000


    I caught an illness yesterday and shit and vomit everywhere


    2021-11-01 18:26:51.512000



    .JPG, 1920x1080, 1.3 MB


    .JPG, 1920x1080, 1.3 MB


    .JPG, 1280x720, 934.5 KB

    Room & ps4 I bought it for cheap with six games, I hustled up around 15 after used for cheap I already had the tv from few years ago I knew covid hysteria is coming back so I needed a gaming machine asap I had to drive a few hundred kilometers for the deal and it still turned out to be an excellent deal. The guy gave me two controllers, one broken, which I got repaired, so now I have two controllers. It's a potato shit 500gb version so I learnt about ps4 storage and hustled up some external hard drives (which were also very very cheap) The ps4 thing is the my most recent obsession, some games turned out to be great and some shit I will try to take some pictures of the house when I heal up. I threw out a lot of old useless worn out stuff but kept the atmosphere and rearranged furniture. Old stuff is not neccessarily bad and some of it just needs some love. I'm still fat but the covid hysteria is coming back so I will keep just doing some stationary cycling since I can finally shower at this place.

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  • Pernd

    2021-11-01 18:47:39.489000



    .JPG, 1920x1080, 1.3 MB


    .JPG, 1920x1080, 1.7 MB

    I had to change the winter tyres for the suzuki and the underside of the chassis is completely rotten so you can't lift it through the standard ways of lifting the chassis. So I lifted it through the suspension. I want to rebuild the underside, just next year, not now when the weather is cold and shit. Something like this is due for the vw too, but I have to work chassis stuff anyway so I don't mind.


    2021-11-01 18:51:10.082000


    Also I started drinking tea a lot which is great in the cold and I don't do a lot of heating aside from the occiasional wood stove. I had lot of tea back from a few years ago before I moved into the car


    2021-11-02 22:40:43.959000


    Very cool room, game set, and drive. Also wtf 120km/h is fast. Red dead redemption I and God of War is pretty fun, I've played them before. Hope you get better man.

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  • Pernd

    2021-11-03 01:39:30.968000


    >>27738 >>27732


    2021-11-03 18:43:02.388000


    >>27726 So grandma house saved you from living in car :D

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  • Pernd

    2021-11-03 21:09:22.509000


    >>27740 No, it saved me from finishing my house in a hurry


    2021-11-08 22:18:51.469000


    >>27738 I've been playing Witcher 3 and Ni no kuni 2 mostly, I also tried NFS Rivals but it's such a garbage I ragequited. I must admit I see the quality in Red dead redemption 2 but the story isn't interesting so I've been playing other games. I bulkbought most of these games in big deals for cheap so I haven't got around playing God of War so far. I also got an external drive because the internal drive is only 500gb and me being me, I bought 3 drives at the same time because that's how you get a good price I enjoyed making some of these deals more than playing even. The PS4 is a joke compared to a gaming PC but I got a really good deal on it with 2 controllers and six games (paid 40000 HUF) and the price is in the dip right now, if you want one, buy now. I never had a console and I needed something in a hurry because I expected lockdown insanity to return. This generation of consoles are the best since they mostly use standard PC hardware but they are still jokes compared to PC. And I can still enjoy trading games in a physical form


    2021-11-09 16:58:51.870000


    Went to the property today. Nothing got damaged or stolen which is very good. On the other hand my neighbours aren't progressing as well as they planned. They built the base of the house and nothing more. My house is taking the adversities of weather very well, no worries. Actually pretty nice. I expected some light damage. I hauled the tools back to the place I'm living at now , so I can unify them and fix them up. I'm going to get some more from my dad, ever since we forbid him to come and do shit, life is pretty peaceful. The unemployment benefit arrived the other day. It's pretty small money, I'm not sure if I'm going to wait all three months or not. I want to buy and build shit and I need money for that. Being broke is just no good. I met the cat. Very healthy and cute and turned up just as I arrived. Will upload pix. By the way I can fix broken screwdrivers too. It's a pretty sick skill. Man just doesn't stop learning. I want to utilize every tool, move every rock. The air was so fucking nice at the property. Nothing like the suburbs where I rot now. It's just different. I get out of the car and 'Oh.' , it's just so striking. That property was a good purchase.


    2021-11-09 17:26:57.115000


    Wow I still haven't posted pix of the house I live in rn. Will do tomorrow


    2021-11-16 11:47:47.096000


    around week gone already and still no pictures!


    2021-11-16 17:14:14.878000




    2021-11-16 22:44:06.379000


    osaka mastermind.jpg

    .JPG, 289x365, 50.3 KB


    2021-11-16 23:37:27.724000



    .JPG, 1920x1080, 1.4 MB

    I've been playing games alright


    2021-11-18 20:26:48.009000


    performed wood surgery today


    2021-11-18 20:29:02.644000



    .JPG, 4032x3024, 7.5 MB


    .JPG, 4032x3024, 6.5 MB


    .JPG, 4032x3024, 6.5 MB


    .JPG, 4032x3024, 6.4 MB


    2021-11-18 20:33:59.542000


    As you can see on the pictures, this wooden beam has a bad surface but a healthy cross section. The key objective is to remove the unhealthy parts with the big plane I got from dad. Even if the cross section is not fully healthy across the length of the beam, the diameter should provide plenty of load bearing capabilities needed for my house. There are many rotten parts but wood being wood, removing rotten parts that capture liquids should be enough to prevent long term rot and impregnating with lacquer should prevent insects and fungi proliferating through the beam.


    2021-11-18 20:39:28.303000


    A full health beam like that (12 x 12 cm) could theoretically be useful for hundreds of years given proper treatment and application. Of course, we (I) do not aim to perform to that extent and be happy with around 30 years of life. There is plenty of beams lying around in the garden of this current place I'm staying at from a failed construction project so I aim to supply my own project from it and simply oversizing on the cross section of the beams to provide sufficient load bearing capabilities while staying zero cost.


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