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2022-01-01 23:44:46.515000




.PNG, 1401x938, 600.8 KB

Caught an illness, could be 'rona It's actually very mild but it doesn't want to leave easily So I'm like pic related drinking tea and eating vitamin c that expired last year


2022-01-02 10:45:05.881000



.JPG, 4000x3000, 2.8 MB

Sames, my nose won't stop running and I feel the general cold sickness. I hope it's just the common cold. I drank a lot of coffee and NyQuil and a lot of benz. Now making a ramen noodle.


2022-01-03 18:18:19.074000


wtf you guys feel ill too? Me (and my mom told sames) feel ill too conspiracy?


2022-01-04 14:24:01.695000


i got vaxxed today


2022-01-04 23:37:45.082000



.JPG, 600x502, 129.2 KB

It's covid, I can't taste food nor smell drinks, aside from a few very specific things. Boring af Started watching anime and reading manga because I can only do light stuff like that. Gaming tires me out I sleep a lot I'm not vaxd but I got this sickness with two others who were so it doesn't matter

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  • Pernd

    2022-01-25 19:12:04.317000



    .PNG, 1036x1112, 205.7 KB

    >>28694 You alive?

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  • Pernd

    2022-01-26 18:52:39.990000


    >>29209 Yea it was pretty mild, I was out and running after a week. Flu tier The no taste part was terribly boring


    2022-02-16 20:58:53.976000


    Haven't been writing here lately, but that's because not much happened in the meanwhile. I'm still just looking for a job and laying low. I've bought a crimping tool and wired some internet in from me mums, not one, but two UTP cables, one for the PS4 and one for a computer. The connection is pretty good. There are loads of free games nowadays on the PS and they are very good in quality. Man, I wish we had this when we were kids! About the property I asked my dad about building chimneys. Turns out building a chimney is not that hard, and you can do it with the simplest materials, like common bricks. Which I just happen to have laying around on the property without a use for. I feel like there is something here I can combine and end up with something more than a bunch of bricks lying around. This house now I'm living in? I've been making some small modifications that cleaned up the look of the place, threw some useless stuff out, fixed some stuff, rearranged this and that. It's becoming better and better slowly. And now the thing that affects both places: Dadmeme started bringing around some salvaged thermal insulation for whatever fuck the reason is, just to get rid of it or something. I think I could use that. He's happy, I'm happy, and of course my mum would be happy since there is no useless shit on display of course haha I feel like if I combine all the useless shit laying around I can make something really good for really cheap. My overall mood is pretty good, I just want a job at this point.


    2022-02-18 01:31:01.988000


    Takka leivinuuni 7.jpg

    .JPG, 531x800, 285.0 KB

    What kind of you use will have for chimney? Good fireplace can be very nice for heating and minor cooking too, but bricks for it are more expensive afaik and the job can be quite challenging.

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  • Pernd

    2022-02-18 18:48:33.015000



    .JPG, 540x720, 36.2 KB

    >>29679 Such models are ebin


    2022-02-24 16:47:04.777000


    >>29679 I was just thinking building a chimney for heating and tying a basic stove into it like I already have around, nothing serious like cooking. I actually tried here putting a pot of water to heat it up but it took a lot of fucking time to make it boil. I'm pretty sure the common stove is useless for cooking. If I built something like a pizza oven or whatever those are, that would be ebin but also very difficult. I just meant a single chimney, simple and all that


    2022-03-17 18:27:34.259000


    Still don't have a job. Starting to get really poor at this point. All progress in life halted


    2022-04-01 22:59:24.344000


    I have a job now, I hope it will be good. Even if it's temporary it's still fine, I just need money to buy fuel to build the house. I secured wood for it even, for free.


    2022-04-09 18:17:28.599000


    The job is alright I think. Some parts of it are ass but I can commute very easily, it's literally 20 minutes by car and there are no traffic jams


    2022-04-14 00:40:13.109000


    I have to guard a train yard. 12 hour shifts. There is always one day and one night shift. Night shift fucking sucks because I have to be outside in the fuckin trainyard for 6 hours. Even in winter. That's fucking ass. I'm going to get an other job soon I think because this is fucking stupid and its very dependent on the weather. But the commute is short in time, it's only 20 minutes and the pay is decent.everything else is good about this job aside from that six night hours I have to spend not sleeping and outside. It's still fucking stupid


    2022-04-14 00:43:44.028000


    It's usually from 1 am to 7am 3 am is the worst time because I get sleepy around that time. Also this job fucks my sleep schedule. I ordered a tuna pizza tonight. It was fucking shit, the fucking idiots put whole slices of lemon on top of it. How the fuck do you even fuck it up like that.


    2022-04-22 09:45:02.654000


    >tuna pizza with pieces of lemon what the fuck are you doing


    2022-04-24 11:41:48.368000


    The job is kinda decent I guess. I am already thinking about what should I do in next month with the money I get. Problem is that most of the things I have in mind are incremental upgrades and won't have a transformational effect on my life. Still good stuff but I still rerun it in my head to ensure I spend money in the best way. I have to repay a lot to my mom first and prices of food and fuel is crazy. So I remain poor. A state not alien to the poorchangas at all.


    2022-04-24 12:02:01.340000


    If I try to view this from a different angle I guess it's good that there is no such immediately obvious thing I need to spend on, yet it's sort of boring and now comes the grindy part where I have to do a lot to improve on life. Of course the elephant in the room is the property and the house building part. That will take some time to figure out, now that I have a lot of wood to work with. I'm going to need a lot of energy for all this stuff so first things first I'm going back to the gym, now that finally the rona meme ended and I will have money too for food.


    2022-04-25 17:14:00.622000


    I assembled the gym gear and I will go tomorrow in the morning after work. I got disrespected by people one too many fucking times who should have not done that and I'm not going to spend the summer fat anyway. It's getting too hot already Next month will be mainly grinding and paying back stuff. I quit a community recently because it was getting stale, the people were getting stale, they still clinged to their shitty opinions even the world proved them wrong a million fucking times already in the last few years. I do not need such people, they are ballast on my ever-changing mind. When a community makes you more irritated than happy, you should leave it. I checked back on a board I left like half or a year ago and it's the same goddamned shithole that I left, which tells me it was a very good decision and now I had a similar feeling when I left the recent community. Hopefully I can start posting Sprotni pictures again soon, because once I get my salary I'm going to put this shit in overdrive. Maybe I will start posting pizza pix later as usual.


    2022-04-25 19:29:38.527000



    .JPG, 720x1280, 118.2 KB

    Here is a pizza. I managed to find a good source near work


    2022-04-26 13:40:19.270000



    .JPG, 720x1280, 40.8 KB

    So this is the problem in numbers


    2022-04-29 22:26:52.688000



    .JPG, 1121x720, 124.0 KB

    This pizza was actually really good


    2022-05-10 03:33:00.465000


    Started buying stuff. I think I will do some unboxing here or idk. I don't know which board I'm maining is suited best for the content


    2022-05-16 16:31:17.512000


    I went to the place and seen a deer next to the fence. I haven't seen the cat, it kinda worries me if it ate the rat poison and died or idk. Cleared out a lot of shrubs and useless shit today, there was an entire plantation worth of wire at one place bundled up. I cleaned up around some trees I intend to keep and started cleaning up around the house to begin the big stuff. Very hyped and motivated about the place atm. I have a bunch of shit to do this week, it's very busy. Bunch of shit is breaking down and needs to get fixed, it's a pain in the ass. Might have to buy a new phone as well. Pain in the ass is neccessary for progress for now. I am still very fat but hey. Bought new flip flops for the summer


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