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2023-01-12 17:53:07.111000




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>no macska microblog update since months i am of concern


2023-01-14 19:02:18.211000


I'm here I just don't really feel the need to write nowadays On one hand, little things are changing fast, on the other, big things have not changed at all


2023-01-14 19:27:50.591000


Ok I guess an update is in order. I still live in my grandma's house. She's very ill now so that situation can change anytime. I drive an old toyota, my older cars both ended up in the junkyard. So that's the big stuff. Small stuff: I tried streaming, tried youtube video making. I overdid alco and had an interal organ oopsie a month ago. So I quit drinking. It was fun but somehow I don't miss it srsly so I haven't drank since. I'm trying to get new jobs with higher pay but no luck so far. I'm still fat af. I play games a lot, they are fun. I'm close to 30. There is nothing past the age 30, it sucks. 30 y/os tell you life starts at 30. 40 y/os tell you life starts at 40 and so on. It's just copium. Being old sucks. Ppl nowadays tell you "30 is the new 20" but that doesn't make it right. If everyone fucks up an assignment, that doesnt mean the assignment is completed, it just means everyone failed. I'm getting closer to being debt free. Fuel prices are ass but I can't do anything about them, public transport is barely functional. I haven't been to the property for months but my parents are still fucking idiots and if my grandma dies, I'm in for a ride so it's not like that place is irrelevant either. Idk life is just life. I'm "in the trenches" and sometimes I try to catch a break. Everyone around me is like "money money money" it's very strange. I know I should get a better job as well to take care of family better yet at the same time don't really care. Idk. Now that I have more time (no drinking) sometimes I go out in the garden and do something just to kill time and feel better about myself. I bet this reads like I'm lost or depressed but it's fine. I take pleasure in simple things like a good meal, a good energydrink (haven't given up those, they are fun and tasty) , a good video, a good twitch stream I started buying some clothes to look a bit better since I think my looks are the hindrance keeping me away from well paying jobs. I'm the same old pig under those clothes anyway haha.


2023-01-14 19:52:55.397000


Also I bought a new coat and my friend is like omg you changed ur more mature now Ppl are so fucking stupid but we live in a world of appearances


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