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2020-06-17 09:04:40.851000


What features is poorchan lacking? Not saying i would implement any, just asking because i am not sure what could be done to improve its state

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2020-06-23 22:22:17.546000


>>26249 i should probably add it to regular webms

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  • Pernd

    2020-06-25 05:40:53.297000


    >>26253 that would be excellent, if possible


    2020-07-25 22:35:38.531000


    see /d/


    2019-12-31 06:09:06.118000


    JPG, 500x500, 47.6 KB

    Okay so guys they say alcohol and energy drinks are a huge no-no together but let me tell you it's fucking awesome. I drank about 0,8 jim beam yesterday and about 6-8 energy drinks, it was really cool and I did all the chores around the house and I had a really bad moody day at work yesterday but I cooled off now. Side effect is that I didn't sleep at night but that's something that can be ignored since I don't feel tired at all, I'm still running on that yesterday energy dose. Also time really slowed down and I did lots of stuff, even made some pasta and cleaned up the kitchen after, watched anime and went to yell on kotchan too (I was disappointed really). So hard alco and energy drinks are really fun together, keep in mind I had little lunch, only some goo soup at a chinese restaurant. My only fear is that somehow I get diabetes but I don't feel bad now so I guess it's not that likely. Keep in mind that our family has a bad cardiac record yet I could still do this. Dad wasn't too happy about the drinking but I did all the chores so I don't think he will be mad. Also I drank the whisky really fast first, something like 30-45 minutes after I drank half of the liter bottle. I had a really bad mood yesterday but I can't really complain now. I have some work today but I don't feel bad or weird at all. Ofc I drank some water (1-1,5L) at night when I was cooling off but it was still a sizeable amount of alco. This was kinda fun I guess. It costed about 6500 HUF approximately

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    2020-09-15 10:38:31.441000



    JPG, 618x412, 118.9 KB

    Tu as des [b]P-R-E-U-V-E-S[/b]?

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  • Pernd

    2020-09-16 05:02:26.843000


    >>26458 I sent you a pic once, not like it got better ever since then. >>26459 ???

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  • Pernd

    2020-09-16 10:39:56.473000


    >>26462 You're not that fat you're just a big guy just as me but I'm 178 cm tall


    2020-09-04 12:12:45.010000


    JPG, 960x678, 143.9 KB

    Stay hydrated.


    2020-09-04 19:20:31.393000




    2020-09-07 18:26:59.816000



    JPG, 960x678, 143.8 KB

    Don't get dehydrated.


    2020-09-03 18:33:05.219000


    guys whats current kotchan address


    2020-09-07 10:22:19.528000


    >kotchan Lmao a russian circlejerk club


    2020-09-02 22:09:10.997000


    poorchan is based, do you want a banner on https://krautchan.rip ? send it 300x37

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    2020-09-04 19:21:23.004000


    >>26429 thank


    2020-09-04 19:28:36.195000


    actually seems like a very advanced website eh, if only i was better at frontends

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  • Pernd

    2020-09-07 02:20:58.239000


    >>26432 thank you, never too late to learn new things!


    2020-08-21 13:15:57.342000



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    2020-08-31 08:59:16.390000


    seek help


    2020-08-31 09:45:10.425000


    >>26409 hurr derp are u 45 yo bored housewife?

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  • Pernd

    2020-08-31 10:21:15.283000



    JPG, 976x704, 29.6 KB

    >>26412 Oft verbessert sich das soziale Funktionieren eines schizoiden Individuums, manchmal dramatisch, wenn er in Echtzeit feststellt, dass er ein anonymer Teilnehmer an einem Gespräch oder einer Korrespondenz ist, beispielsweise im Online-Chat oder auf anonymen Imageboards. In der Tat ist dies häufig der Fall, wenn die Online-Korrespondenz einer Person nichts über ihre Beteiligung und ihren Einfluss preisgibt.


    2020-08-28 19:57:05.690000


    JPEG, 502x376, 29.7 KB


    JPEG, 1080x1080, 198.1 KB


    JPEG, 900x800, 97.4 KB

    Do you want to have sex with a computer?


    2020-08-28 22:58:43.678000


    yeah a bit


    2020-08-20 17:05:27.700000


    where's DE-02? he didn't post for a few days already


    2020-08-21 08:34:24.551000


    in drug rehab


    2020-08-09 16:29:04.103000


    (You) on the left, (Me) on the right


    2020-08-12 16:13:44.626000



    PNG, 463x512, 277.7 KB

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  • Pernd

    2020-08-12 17:57:39.198000


    Technical Hitch - Mama India (Outside The Universe).mp3 MP3, 19.7 MB

    >>26371 Shaanti


    2020-07-06 17:33:10.003000

    women btfo.webm

    WEBM, 1200x674, 14.5 MB

    good evening I hate women

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