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2022-07-28 08:31:18.503000


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Hello, here's a one time advertisement for a new search engine. Do not expect me to advertise this a second time, write down the website address if you want to find it again. The search engine is free to use but additionally you may purchase complete search results in .txt documents. There is additional features planned for this search engine. You may use this search engine currently to explore a very weird internet.


2022-07-25 18:18:03.905000


Strong out on blood I hunt the streets at night Terror from the sky in batform I strike Your naked body dragged back to my darkened crypt I tie you up, dope you up then your blood I sip


2022-07-26 02:49:58.383000




2022-06-24 07:30:06.532000


alone on midsummer? pathetic

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    2022-07-23 08:39:57.012000


    >>35803 >>35812 rent free since 2017, schizo

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  • Pernd

    2022-07-23 17:17:50.300000



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    >>35838 >rent free Rich


    2022-07-24 21:01:08.184000



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    2020-02-12 21:03:56.754000


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    me start the slow webm threada (mp4s allowed too btw)

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    2021-09-12 16:20:02.754000



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    2021-09-13 07:29:42.733000



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    2022-07-19 02:05:52.552000



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    2022-06-06 13:07:05.510000



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    2022-06-07 16:17:43.761000




    2022-06-24 22:13:32.588000


    herdchannel.net 8ch.pw urachannel.net lolifox.top 95chan.top 8channel.top chaoschan.top mikuch.top


    2022-07-11 15:30:45.047000




    2022-05-26 13:30:31.002000


    .PNG, 1440x1673, 619.1 KB

    NIGGERCIDE 2022 More food bought = more niggers killed Now you have a unique opportunity to optimize as many niggers as possible without sacrificing your life or freedom. The world is now opening a window of opportunity of just a few months, when your small efforts can make a big difference in the world and make it a little cleaner and better. All you have to do is stock up on as much non-perishable food (canned food, cereals, frozen foods) as possible and encourage as many people as possible to do so. Unlike previous years, now all your actions will be enhanced by several coefficients: 1) High fuel and fertilizer prices increase the costs of farmers and agricultural holdings, which reduces the planning horizon and forces producers to refuse to increase production; 2) Unprecedented weather disasters in China, India, Brazil and other key food producers; 3) The effect of panic or "self-fulfilling forecast". The more food they buy -> stronger inflation will be. High inflation -> more countries will impose export restrictions. And this will again increase the effect of panic. This mean an ever-increasing circle or snowball effect. You don't need massshooting or other stupid things to make effective NIGGERCIDE. All you need is to buy as much food as possible and encourage others to do the same. Moreover, your efforts will not be in vain and you will save on food in the future due to rising prices. What is the best way to convince others of this? Each audience needs a different approach. Racists should be told that their actions will kill as many niggers as possible. Believers need to bring the Apocalypse of John the Theologian and call on them to save their families and their friends. Frighten the cowardly with starvation. For the greedy, give data on rising prices for food futures and advise renting warehouses for further speculation. Some data for arguments: https://www.macrotrends.net/futures/rice https://www.barchart.com/futures/quotes/ZC*0/futures-prices - corn https://www.barchart.com/futures/quotes/ZW*0/futures-prices - wheat https://www.barchart.com/futures/quotes/KO*1 - palm oil https://www.fao.org/worldfoodsituation/foodpricesindex/en/ - FAO Food Price Index Also, do not forget about the location of readers. Information should be conveyed to residents of the EU countries, USA, Britain and the dominions, Japan, South Korea, China, India, states of the Arabian Peninsula. That is, we need countries with a fairly rich population, whose inhabitants are able to buy food for several years in advance at the current moment. At the end, I will give a few articles that will show you the uniqueness of the current situation: https://www.bcg.com/publications/2022/how-the-war-in-ukraine-is-affecting-global-food-systems https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_food_crises https://www.economist.com/leaders/2022/05/19/the-coming-food-catastrophe https://www.theguardian.com/science/2022/apr/28/egg-factory-avian-flu-chickens-culled-workers-fired-iowa https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/bird-flu-case-forces-killing-53-million-chickens-83537693 https://www.eutimes.net/2022/04/dozens-of-us-food-processing-plants-destroyed-in-fires-accidents-in-recent-weeks/ https://www.zerohedge.com/commodities/stunning-images-show-potash-train-derailed-canada-amid-fertilizer-crunch Now you must make sure that several rare factors have come together in the world now and it is criminal to miss such an opportunity. Need to forge while hot. Otherwise, the moment will be missed and we will not wait for the next one...


    2022-07-04 15:31:47.088000


    No mas zambos.jpg

    .JPG, 1059x3733, 619.7 KB

    impossible if you live in latam (Latin America) there is a lot of violent crime and robbery by Venezuelans


    2022-06-02 17:15:05.364000


    Yo ncat

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    2022-06-08 19:58:55.059000




    2022-06-15 17:48:58.871000


    ncat dieded innit

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  • Pernd

    2022-06-15 20:08:23.396000


    >>33646 Yep, rip.. 😞


    2022-06-15 20:07:47.339000


    Why was poorch down?!!!!


    2022-06-08 11:20:25.734000

    kno yo game.jpeg

    .JPEG, 800x712, 178.4 KB

    on god πŸ™ tho fr he b spittin πŸ‘€πŸ“• 18:8 ◉⃀ πŸ”₯


    2022-06-08 17:40:06.536000


    ong he b spittin strait fax ngl dis be the truth πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’€


    2022-06-01 09:04:49.077000


    .JPG, 640x723, 128.4 KB

    https://youtu.be/IyGoYLbOIWo Imagine being these little creatures. You're granted to take your first breath. After a while you're able to perceive the world around you and then.. BAM! Some one snatches you from the comfy baby monkey life and uses you for monetary purposes and puts you in a box. /B/ros, how do we solve the baby monkey hate epidemic?


    2022-06-01 09:12:05.872000


    + Yaro do something against the spam. It's becoming unbearable to view this website.

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