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2020-08-20 17:05:27.700000


where's DE-02? he didn't post for a few days already


2020-08-21 08:34:24.551000


in drug rehab


2020-08-28 19:57:05.690000


JPEG, 502x376, 29.7 KB


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JPEG, 900x800, 97.4 KB

Do you want to have sex with a computer?


2020-08-28 22:58:43.678000


yeah a bit


2020-08-09 16:29:04.103000


(You) on the left, (Me) on the right


2020-08-12 16:13:44.626000



PNG, 463x512, 277.7 KB

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  • Pernd

    2020-08-12 17:57:39.198000


    Technical Hitch - Mama India (Outside The Universe).mp3 MP3, 19.7 MB

    >>26371 Shaanti


    2020-07-06 17:33:10.003000

    women btfo.webm

    WEBM, 1200x674, 14.5 MB

    good evening I hate women


    2020-06-04 00:42:36.851000


    PNG, 2000x1483, 3.8 MB

    Brudi, I-...

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    2020-07-02 00:17:44.998000



    JPG, 1080x1080, 119.2 KB

    "Science? Nonesence. In this situation, mediocrity and genius are equally helpless. I must tell you, that we don't want to conquer any cosmos... We want to expand our Earth to it's borders. We don't need other worlds; We need a Mirror. We are struggling to achive contact* and will never find one. We are in a stupid position of a 'man, striving to achieve goal', without ability to stop... in pursue of target, he doesn't need. Humans need only Humans." . *"Contact" with other species; otherworldly contact.

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  • Pernd

    2020-07-06 01:27:33.570000


    And I saw, and behold a whirlwind came out of the north: and a great cloud, and a fire infolding it, and brightness was about it: and out of the midst thereof, that is, out of the midst of the fire, as it were the resemblance of amber: And in the midst thereof the likeness of four living creatures: and this was their appearance: there was the likeness of a man in them.


    2020-07-06 16:29:01.434000


    >>26288 me on the left


    2020-06-24 16:35:46.042000


    PNG, 895x598, 23.2 KB

    Whisperchan need more Bits to make it even more better. ssh to: whisper.onthewifi.com:22 or use for TOR: 2okzlsboulbv6y22foslk7cvgi3nqzj2a7tsofhkzvh6jytjcoxlqlad.onion:22 vi/vim style navigation MAXIMIZE window or connection disconnect!

    state of online


    2020-06-08 17:56:01.320000


    JPEG, 800x533, 86.1 KB

    why are there so many retarded faggots on the internet who post about cum? I swear it was not this way 5, 10 years ago.

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    2020-06-11 21:13:45.800000



    PNG, 1884x855, 3.0 MB

    https://www.google.com/maps/@49.1483831,-123.1652812,3a,49y,334.39h,88.31t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1shWHwyHNYUjNrnpapEFd8HQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192 i used to come here for church every week for sunday school. also smok weed here at night

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  • Pernd

    2020-06-12 17:44:18.797000


    >>26196 >no ukrainian very ukrainian of them


    2020-06-13 05:18:40.840000


    im glad the buildings still there though, most houses/buildings on that road have been gentrified


    2020-11-06 21:04:58.636000


    PNG, 128x128, 79.9 KB

    I'm anime

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    2020-11-22 03:23:15.772000



    MP4, 960x720, 7.0 MB

    >>26651 about (You)

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  • Pernd

    2020-11-22 06:27:25.992000


    >>26656 Honda is such cute and I approve message a hundred percent


    2020-11-24 20:14:20.413000



    PNG, 800x1119, 752.0 KB

    >>26656 All anime lovers are gay. But not all gays love anime. That's it.


    2020-06-06 09:41:24.126000

    apu snail.png

    PNG, 665x835, 35.4 KB

    yaro i need chemistry help if i put sulfuric acid (95% pure) in a pot and on oven and heat it is it gonna explode?

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    2020-06-11 00:29:38.057000


    >>26188 >it basically pulls the o2 from air what? >but beware, it's rather shit way to die Why? They say ur body cant tell difference between oxygen and co so u just kinda get dizzy and then u pass out and eventually die > survive with permanent brain damage i do this every day

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  • Pernd

    2020-06-11 11:06:22.523000


    >>26189 you need a rather large supply of CO think a fire in flat with windows closed or car with engine on in a garage

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  • Pernd

    2020-06-11 15:14:49.475000


    >>26190 those options are bad because fire smoke contains CO2 and probably someone will call fire patrol. How much CO can be created from 1l sulfuric and 1l formic acid and how much volume should the place have where I create it? I can just seal of a part of a room with large trash bags or something like that


    2020-06-05 02:49:53.489000


    WHAT THE *************** IS GOING ON ********** PLEASE ******* IF ********* *** ******** ******* AAA*********************AAAAAA ***** ** OK?

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    2020-06-15 09:57:36.517000



    JPG, 966x1288, 397.2 KB

    >>26166 If you're driftin' on an empty ocean With no wind to fill your sail The future, your horizon It's like searchin' for the Holy Grail

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  • Pernd

    2020-06-16 17:56:25.372000


    >>26203 this is a terrible laptop


    2020-06-17 03:19:37.045000


    >>26203 >Greece Pay denbts xDDD

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