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anime postings


2020-06-21 22:20:42.132000


GIF, 498x372, 182.9 KB

hello I would like to color my post in a rainbow this is effective yes, how can I do this?

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2020-06-22 00:25:57.106000


>>26233 it has been made however, your post is no longer spatially correct. we are in need of adjustment, the sole reason for this post.

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  • Pernd

    2020-06-22 12:06:33.457000


    >>26237 *solves your problem*

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  • Pernd

    2020-06-23 12:52:15.803000


    >>26247 >>26241 [c=FF0000]t[/c][c=FF9900]h[/c][c=CBFF00]a[/c][c=33FF00]n[/c][c=00FF66]k[/c][c=00FFFF] [/c][c=0066FF]y[/c][c=3200FF]o[/c][c=CC00FF]u[/c][c=FF0098]![/c]


    2020-06-30 18:00:51.880000


    Where do you buy games, bros?

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    2020-07-01 13:03:31.176000


    I used to go to rogers to buy games for xbox 360 on steam theres only about 3-4 games that I bought. Was fun... many hours wasted I think Aoe2 DE will be the last game I will buy for awhile All my runescape accs got hacked last week. idk how. and my emails passwords changed. Just reformatted PC. Scared they got my bank info too. Maybe one day I will play rs again


    2020-07-01 14:46:55.511000


    will completely reformatting computer guarantee that virus is gone if theres any=?y


    2020-07-06 00:34:35.629000




    2020-06-20 12:07:20.420000


    PNG, 1414x1000, 1.1 MB

    stay hydrated!

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    2020-06-21 14:13:00.288000



    PNG, 1414x1000, 478.2 KB

    >>26216 you best believe I'm taking it, straight from u veins

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  • Pernd

    2020-06-21 18:36:47.011000



    JPG, 2048x1365, 370.2 KB

    >>26226 was zum...


    2020-06-22 00:23:12.623000


    good stuff. expensive tho


    2020-06-19 21:13:01.080000


    PNG, 253x237, 120.2 KB

    No herbs


    2020-06-20 09:49:47.976000



    PNG, 253x237, 120.2 KB

    ok now thanks you, Wish-Kot


    2020-06-22 00:26:06.947000


    you're wasting free micronutrients when you dont put complimentary oregano on your pidza in stores

    Poorchanga microblogging thread


    2021-06-19 05:43:47.771000


    JPG, 1168x1200, 140.9 KB

    Worked a lot this week. I still haven't done walls but it's summer you know. I have zero experience with woodworking so I'm still trying things out basically, there are things that I found to be working and some not. I still have to buy planes but there is a good offer up so if all goes well, I will buy 3. Wood is just magic. It seems to be possible to reuse some of the wood from the house that was used badly or mistreated because wood is such a bomb material I wouldn't believe it until I cut one of these planks that were basically part of the building since the beginning and it started emitting the pinetree juice smell like it was new. And it should be around 40-50 years old already. Wood seems to be the one building material I should be orienting myself towards to. Aaaaand all construction material prices just rose crazy this year.

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    2021-08-04 05:44:01.058000


    >>27319 damn theives


    2021-08-04 15:18:16.433000


    resigned from my job today. I already explained why but the whole car break in thing was just the last nail in the coffin. Going to use car for the remainder of the month for commuting


    2021-08-20 20:27:14.278000


    I still exist, I just work a whole fucking lot the cat keeps catching mice like a madman


    2021-09-03 20:30:02.059000


    .JPG, 536x700, 99.0 KB



    2021-09-01 16:11:44.678000


    .JPG, 400x400, 13.1 KB


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    2021-09-05 21:56:25.372000


    >>27563 stop reposting this particular picture all thanks

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  • Pernd

    2021-09-05 22:04:00.378000


    >>27564 Sorry, but why should I stop re-posting that picture? Are you the rightful owner of it? Did you draw it? Please tell me your reasons.

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  • Pernd

    2021-09-05 22:45:01.581000


    >>27565 cos i like to post it but don't like to see it attached to reply that's enough of a reasons ofc


    2020-02-12 21:03:56.754000


    MP4, 688x1280, 1.8 MB

    me start the slow webm threada (mp4s allowed too btw)

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    2021-09-12 16:08:34.124000



    .MP4, 1280x720, 4.3 MB


    2021-09-12 16:20:02.754000



    .MP4, 640x360, 613.7 KB


    2021-09-13 07:29:42.733000



    .MP4, 480x480, 9.7 MB



    2021-09-05 23:16:21.575000


    .JPG, 908x730, 219.6 KB

    Just consumed a raw egg out of curiosity to see how it is like. And 'lemme tell you guys, it was disgusting. I'm not talking about the taste of it, but more of the texture. The slimy (← can't find a better for it to describe it) consistency really felt odd and I had to gag one time. Then I drank the remaining left overs (even more disgusting) and went to my room to write this report. Thanks for reading to the end and have a good day, fellow poorchers. With Love, Bavaria

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    2021-09-12 15:53:43.957000


    >>27612 Any updates on Masckagata Castle?

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  • Pernd

    2021-09-13 13:06:09.298000



    .JPG, 1280x720, 1.2 MB

    >>27613 There are some great changes happening in my life atm, will report back if there is interest and things calm down.

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  • Pernd

    2021-09-13 15:13:24.772000



    .GIF, 720x720, 145.8 KB

    >>27621 good pic

    Bernd von Porch der II.

    2021-09-08 22:10:00.819000

    Fear and Shitposting in richchan.jpg

    .JPG, 1920x1080, 263.0 KB

    What are yous plans for this day, fellow richchanners? Today I will probably do something that may be described as being utterly autistic and pointless. To be more precise sort my coin collection by their country origin. This might take anything between 30 minutes to ∞ hours, but it has to be done in my eyes. With Love, Bavaria.

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    2021-09-09 09:42:34.088000



    .JPG, 406x512, 30.6 KB

    Today I will waste oxygen and bandwidth, additionaly financially leeching on corporate structure.

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  • Bernd von Porch der II.

    2021-09-09 16:22:18.610000



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    2021-09-11 04:56:30.719000



    .PNG, 296x150, 85.1 KB

    Nothing meaningful or productive. Torture testing my brain. I've isolated myself and hardly socialized with anyone for over a year. I'm always so happy when people ask me how I am doing, but I dont knonw what to tell them. Theres so many people I want to contact to tell them how much they mean to me, and how grateful I am to have them around, but it would just sound ingenuine and unnatural.Theres new pain entering my body that I have never experienced and I dont know how long it will take to heal, otherwise I would get up and do things. Take care of your body guys...dont trash it like i did. Sometimes I would think of something funny like pic related and it would make me laugh. Then I remember that my life is getting pretty bad and is in decay. I remember when I used to get up in the morning to take transit to go to uni. Shit was cozy as fuck. I miss learning Japanese. Now the concept of a language seems so foreign.

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